Akron, Ohio
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Well it stared off as a good day my boyfriend who staying in comblus ohio buy my dog a 50 pound bag of dog food online and had it sent to the Walmart in green ohio but this is where my good day goes bad i got the email from Walmart telling me to come and pick up the dog food that he had sent but when i got to the Walmart in green as i walked in the store one of the store greaters was staring at me but i paid it no mind and walked up to the customer service to get the bag of dog food and everything was going fine up in till the greater stop me from leaving the store and asked if he could see my receipt of my dog food i let him see it and then he tells me that its two names on here and i didn't pay for it because it didn't have no price on it i explain to him that my boyfriend from out of town just paid for the dog food online i just had to pick it up but he didn't want to hear that he got very rude with me and i tried to show him my ID but he was not going to look at it i was so embarrassed because he made me feel like if did something wrong everyone was looking at me like I stole the 50 pound bag of dog food i felt like I could go and hide in shame. ..not at all happy with walmart

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Obviously he didn't care but they allowed you to pick it up under his name I'm assuming so you would be fine this employee was being an *** as a cashier just go to the csm or tell him I want a csm here now


Or just tell him to go fudge himself, she did nothing wrong. Though without punctuation I find this review hard to read.