A friend wants me to report JIM, old Walmart Doorman employee from Jacksonville IL.People was watching him yelling at the girl pointing his fingers to the door! he does'nt have the RIGHT TO DO THIS!

she said,she never witness anything like this before! I think he wants her out of the store,but she is a Costumer! whatever the reason is,he should BE NICE! He is a DOOR MAN and he is old,his job is to BE nice and GREET CUSTOMERS WITH RESPECT!!!

HE is short wears eyeglasses and have a very loud and mean voice! Thank you

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Public property? Wal-Mart owns not only the store but the parking lot as well.

That is called private property.

Your problems are much greater than a grumpy old man yelling at unsupervised bratty kids. You need to go back to school and stop looking for trouble.


Why lie In your original post and say that it was someone you didn't know being kicked out. And why can't you buy candy for your kids somewhere else...

Or is it just that Walmart is the easiest place to steal from so you thought u would be able to steal your kids some candy. If you were banned from the store for a year, that means you can not go on their property ( which by the way is NOT public property) for at least a year.

Why would you think they owe uou anything like allowing you to come to their store earlier than permitted when you STOLE from them. SMH.


Simon, go back to bed. You're grouchy this morning. Tasha can cover this for you - after all, you're acting like a sackless fourteen year old.


OMG....shut the f up.


That man has the same right to yell at someone as you do to post hearsay.

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