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I shopped at Walmart in farmingdale ny on Sunday my bill came up to 509.00 I thought that it was too much but the lines were long so I checked the reciept on the way home. I had been doubled billed by 49.00 I went back to the store really who buys two of the exact waffle makers and two of the same pants they were real nice and gave me my money back. To my surprise I got home and checked the bill again and the cashier scaned my bath rug and he asked me how many towels I had I told him 10 and he charged me for 10 more rugs at 14.99 instead of charging me for the towels at 6.00 each I had to go back to the store and get another refund for 81.00 they were nice of course because they were really wrong and they had the nerve to give me a 20.00 gift card they should have given me my order free in fact doubled my refund I shop a Walmart all the time and I have to travel to it I do not have a store in my town please contact me at 516 610-9564 my name is Schnelle

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Orlando, Florida, United States #879175

"they should have given me my order free in fact doubled my refund"

Yeah, that is asking way too much. Concessions are all well and good to ask for but this is ridiculous.


Are you kidding me? You want them to give you your whole order free or double your refund!

Well aren't you special. Instead of being greedy, try being thankful for the $20.00 gift card they gave you.

They didn't have to give you anything. Btw, did they view the tape to get proof that you really didn't buy 2 waffle makers , 2 pairs of jeans or 10 rugs?Its just hard for me to believe that so many over charges were in that one order and you never noticed it till later?

to Anonymous #879210

How can you expect them to notice, like another poster said, this person appears to be nine year old. this is too complicated for a nine year old to figure out.


Too the person who added a comment. Really!

So inappropriate.

Thumbs down. There are nice ways to help those who post things they shouldn't.


Did you get your parents permission before posting personal information such as your phone number. That is a big no no and very dangerous.

Next time go shopping with mommy or daddy, that way they can tell you that you are over charged. An adult can calculate in their heads how much money they will be spending, and would certainly know if they were over charged by over $100. When you found out you were over charged for the jeans and waffle maker you should have told your mommy to look to see if there were any more mistakes that way you would not have to go back twice. It is nice that you are doing the family shopping for your parents but if you cannot figure out you were overcharged by $130 then you are obviously nine years old or very dull and by the fact that you threw a temper tantrum for getting a $20 gift card and demanding more instead of being grateful makes me think you are just a nine year old child who was not taught manners.

Be glad they gave you $20, they did not owe you anything. If you have the feeling of entitlement at age nine I hate to see what your future is like. They should have tore up the gift card since you did not appreciate it and asked you not to return. Did mommy and daddy ever teach you if someone gives you a gift you did not like to say thank you and be polite.

I guess not. I hope you are nine as I suspect because if you are an adult and act like this there is no hope for you.

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