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Well I gave Walmart another shot at an oil change and once again they fail. If you think your getting a deal with upsizing the oil change think again. What they say they do is not what they do. I won't trust them again. Supposedly with the upsale you get so much more, like fluid checks and filter checks, vacuum the carpet and what ever else he was running off the mouth about so fast I missed half. But I thought what the heck I need my fluids and filters checked. So I fell for the upsale. Fairly new car with 30000 miles didn't need to go too far up but anyway.

I was nice and polite with the 1st few things I noticed that were wrong. Like when they say they are cleaning your windshield realize it's the outside window and when it's raining it's hard to tell they did clean it... So guess what they didn't... I didn't catch that till i got home and the windows were dry since it had quit raining. Clean the carpet.... I made them do that again cause it was a quick catch. They didn't reset the oil usage warning light but they did show me how after I asked why it wasn't done. Red fluid on the fender of my car had to make them wipe that off... said it was grease from down below. I can't say one way or another about that. Said they checked the fluids and the filters but the air filter hadn't been touched because the only fingerprints in the dust on the cover are mine. Fluid low on trans but did they tell me that???? NOPE. I just hope they really changed the oil filter since he mentioned it was hard to get to,,, looks like it may be new but at this point I don't trust anything. Coolant level is low but I'll have to check with my son to see how low it should be before you add to it, this I'm not sure of.

All in all a shoddy job. I'll do it my self next time and know it's done right. Waste of my time and money. Oh and I didn't bother to contact the manager because it wouldn't matter. Walmart has flunkies doing their work and I should have realized that from the 1st time I went there and not thought "well maybe these guys care about what they do". NOPE same shi* different day. I might be a woman and you think you got one over on me and in a way you did. But women talk when things don't measure up and they don't come back again. Matter of fact I think I'm done with this whole store.... it's really gone down hill.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $8.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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