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My Daughter and i went to Wal Mart to get a couple of DVDS to watch. Upon coming home I started the pop corn and installed the first DVD.

Well the dvd did not work, but the second dvd did, so we decided to watch it. After watching the second dvd we took the first dvd back with th get my money e receipt. I was quickly told that I could not get my money back. I informed the lady that I wanted to exchange the dvd.

I was told that I had to get the samemovie or they could not help me.

I informed the lady that we had was the last of that particular movie I was again informed that I could not get an exchange. I get better service at yard sales than at wal mart!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dvd.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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i hope sony isnt the best...i bought sony vcr years ago when they were the medium ---it lasted a month $300 thrown away


Is anyone else noticing that lately all the replies show up twice?


It is called the Anti-Piracy law. And no store will break it. Walmart is not a yard sale.


Walmart is NOT above the copyright law or any law for that matter. Neither are you. I don't know why you would complain about an exchange anyways unless you are trying to cheat the company.


You don't need DVDs anymore, putlocker(dot)ch has most movies, and television shows for free, and apparently it is virus free and legal. Youtube also has lots of movies. Some may have voice alteration, or be mirror image or fast for copyright laws but you can get almost anything and everything online, even p0rn if that is your cup of tea.


Most, if not all stores will not refund your money and in some instances replace a DVD that has been opened. This is standard procedure because a person could open the DVD package, copy the DVD and then return it to a store for a refund.

Walmart followed standard procedures. By the way, many DVDs, especially the cheap ones will not play in a cheap DVD player.

The best DVD players are Sony and, unless the DVD is a real piece of junk, will play most anything. Cheap brands are finicky.