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Walmart is a joke their site to store says delivered in 7-10 business days. So why is it I have been waiting close to two weeks for a couple dvds to come in?

In my opinion and to who ever might read this go to amazon.

Faster shipping and better customer service. What takes walmart or should I say slow mart two weeks to deliver amazon has on my doorstep 3 to 5 days sometimes even sooner.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Melbourne, Florida, United States #928263

Because Ship to Store is an extra to Walmart not a main focus. When you order ship to store they are basically adding on extra to their expected store stock or pulling store allotment aside as soon as it comes in.

Walmart isn't going to spend money to ship a single or even a few dvds on a giant 18 wheeler. They are going to include those dvds you want with the next shipment expected to go to that store, that is why it takes 7-10 business days.


Just think about it this way OP, business days are the same as school days. You go to school Monday to Friday, that is two weeks. They don't count Saturday and Sunday.


7 to 10 business days is typically close to two weeks.

Amazon may take 3 to 5 days--most likely BUSINESS days--for a couple of reasons.

It may depend on where the parcel is coming from. It also depends on which carrier they use. Some carriers take longer than others. Also, if the mail is backed up, then it may take even longer.

If there are federal holidays between the time you ordered the item and now, that could hold up the delivery time.

Also different types of items have to be handled differently.

People do not realize that delivery is beyond the company's--in this case Walmart--control. It's up to the carrier (i.e., USPS, UPS, FedEx, you get the idea) to deliver.


There have been times that I have ordered things from the WalMart site that get either to the store or to my home almost before the order can be completed. A lot times it will depend on where the item is being shipped from. It does seem like when I have things shipped to my home, they arrive a lot faster than when I use site to store.


7-10 business days means about two weeks for shipping. Walmart simply informed you of the shipping times.

If you want faster shipping, pay more for it or go to a different store. There is nothing wrong with Walmart.

The items in the order will not alter the shipping times. True, amazon does have faster shipping but this is not Walmart's fault.

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