Columbus, Georgia

Order went through, was cancelled by WalMart after about 10 minutes saying something about error with processing payment option. My bill me later account is negative $100 still, never was credited back - walmart got paid, i didn't get my item.

I emailed Wal-mart customer service and they would not specify a reason.

I also asked them why my billmelater account was not credited back, and insisted the idea they were trying to steal my money. They stopped responding all together, on the other hand - the bill me later team is very friendly, and took the loss and credited me back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I have had this SAME problem happen to me about FIVE TIMES over the past several months! I was told numerous times that an "investigation" was being opened "to look into the problem" but I have NEVER received any feedback and conclusion to the "supposed" investigation!

I have been a regular Wal-Mart customer shopping online for years and they have now officially lost my business over this!

I have spent a great deal of money using but not anymore! I don't appreciate wasting my time & energy placing an order only to have it cancelled an hour or so later (after BillMeLater authorized the charge and Walmart places a hold on my account) when I could have placed it with another online merchant to begin with and avoided the whole problem!

I gave Walmart more than enough time to correct the situation (months) but it has become obvious to me that they do not value my business so I no longer value them and will keep my money because of it! I don't appreciate being lied to and told various stories implying it was somehow "my" fault that the orders were cancelled when I know it wasn't.

I've never changed my information, have never shipped to any address except my HOME address and I have not entered any incorrect information in the system----therefore, the fault lies completely with Walmart and it's online billing department. Maybe losing enough money will get their attention? Either way, I won't be coming back! This went on for MUCH too long and with TOO many complaints being completely ignored for me so I will not give them ANY more of my money---EVER AGAIN!

I told Walmart's online billing department "several" times that I was being more than patient but at some point, I am just going to NEVER do business with them again!

I guess they thought I was bluffing---or didn't why should I care then? Hope my story helps others to see how "little" Walmart values their "best" customers---I am sorry to say: "THEY DON'T!"


The SAME thing just happened to me! Walmart cancelled my order TWICE with NO GOOD REASON and now there are holds on my BML account until they release the funds!

Walmart's billing department for online sales is a joke! I don't know what is going on over there but Walmart execs. REALLY need to look into things because they are messing everything up! I received one cancellation confirmation that had my PICK UP person's name placed in the BILLING SECTION area where MY name should have been!

I surely didn't do that! How nice that they will cancel your order because THEY can't get their stuff together!