Westminster, California

I'm actually an employee at walmart.. Just because I came to get something to drink before my one hour before my brake, management maid me take an early brake and I had all tree management on me like if they where the cops!!! I can't even have a drink because they think that I'm stealing!!!!

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You CANNOT spell.

First off, you are not even supposed to have soda on the floor unless you are in a situation like that girl who is diabetic. In that case, it is called a reasonable accommodation.

Associates must be able to perform the essential duties of their job.

Reasonable accommodations must be made if necessary. You learned that in orientation and probably on CBL's.

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@current employee

"You CANNOT spell."

That did not take long to figure out did it. :D


I call troll. This sounds made up and nobody spells that badly unless they are in kindergarten.

He/she is doing a very bad impression of the stereotypical walmart worker by sounding *** and misspelling words. Too obvious.

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You have not been to this site much have you?

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You have to pay for your drink before you drink it.


You can't shop on you the clock, only before or after you shift, or on your 15 minute break or lunch. Otherwise it is theft of company time and you can be coached up to and including termination.That's first day stuff.

Pay attention during orientation and you won't have these embarrassing situations. Also, the only drink allowed at your work station is bottled water with nothing added to it.


no some workers are aloud other drinks like one casher is aloud orange drink and pop soda cause she is diebetik, that is dicrimintion to let her have other drink because she is diebetik and not me because I am not so they dicrimate also I lied and said I am diebetik and they did ont believ me, they act like Nazi cops and dicrimate against me because casher is diebetik and I am not so she can drink orange drink and pop soda on floor and I cant, and she can go on brake at certen times to get inslelen and I cant. that is dicrimition cause she is diebetic an I am not.

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That's not discrimination, they make exceptions because of health issues, if she does not get the sugar or insulin when needed she could go into a diabetic coma and end up in the hospital. Besides this was about you taking things off the floor without paying for it and intending to pay for it on your break, she probably already had her own pop and stuff and by law or for the sake of being humane they allow her to drink other stuff than water for her health.


That's called a reasonable accommodation. It is covered by the reasonable accommodation act.

She has a form signed by a doctor stating that she has to have this, which is also covered by the policy. Its the same policy that allows some associates to use a stool. I think its pretty darn silly that you would be jealous of someone for having diabetes.

Maybe some day you'll get a disease of your very own and someone else's will complain that you are getting something special. Try focusing on what you are supposed to do and not on what other people's are doing.

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Agrees next she will be complaining that the greeter gets to sit in a wheelchair and she has to walk around the store.


Seriously? My brain hurts from the educational system that pumps out Walmart-employable citizens.



casher? cashier.

diabetik? diabetic.

dicrimate? discriminate.


believe. brake? break. inslelen?


diebetic? diabetic.