Newport, Oregon
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I've complained about some ruined blackout Eclipse curtains during washing (which I followed the directions) about 3-4 times now and no one has ever contacted me. Very frustrated customer, who cannot afford another 17 curtain panels at $29.99:) Below are a few pictures, some of them were so ruined and stuck together, I had to throw them away and now there are blankets hanging, very ugly. All I wanted was Walmart's advice on what I should do with these ruined curtains?

Diana Warren

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I've tried to mark issue resolved for this Walmart complaint and have not been able to get it to change. The curtains are way too old for anything to happen, I'm done complaining now.


Looks more like improper care on your part. The curtains have a liner that filters light made of poly, and your aggressive washing and drying of them clearly ruined them.


I followed the directions and washed them for 10-15 minutes on cold but I think you're right, that sticky backing was just not meant to be washed.


I have had those type of curtains before and not from Walmart. If you are not extremely careful, you will pull holes in the backing.

The backing sticks when it is washed. I don't recommend that those curtains be dried but hung up damp after carefully pulling stuck backing apart.

You may be able to get new ones from the manufacturer.

It has probably been too long to get your money back from Walmart.


Thanks for the support. It has been to long to return but I at least feel better hearing others same stories.


Are you sure you followed the directions? Those things are probably ruined so bad that Walmart can't do anything about it. It's best to call the manufacturer.


I washed them on cold exactly like they said and didn't dry them but after sharing and having support from others, I feel like this is what happens to these type of curtains when you wash them. Take care. Thanks.


This same thing happened to me. I washed them exactly as stated on the label and upon removal from the washer they were all stuck together and ruined.