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My local walmarts are no longer honoring price matching on store brand eggs and milk from other comp ads. Why advertise you price match on competitors ads and then don't.

They also "hide" good deals that are cheap at the others stores so they won't lose out. What a coincidence everything that they were out of is stocked after the others stores ads expire.

What a joke this store is. Im onto them.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #997019

There will always be guidelines for things like this, there will always be policy to help make sure the company isn't taken advantage of.

As for things being out of stock, you realize Wal-Mart is price matching the other stores and because they themselves aren't doing the deal they don't stock up on those items before hand. Meaning everyone that planned on getting that item and all the people who saw the deal at the other store are suddenly buying it.

That's why Wal-Mart price matches.

They don't have some conspiracy, why the heck would they not stock something on purpose? It's not going to get sold in the back

Walnut Creek, California, United States #992562

Walmart does price match. There are still restrictions.


Honey, I have news for you, your aren't onto anything. Most stores that do price matching with other stores ads, only do it on brand names, not the store brands.

As far as items not being stocked until after the other store's ads are expired, did it ever occur to you that they could legitimately be out of stock on those items? You sound like you think WalMart is out to get you.

Where I live, I rarely see anything in other store's ads that is cheaper than at Walmart. You really have to quit being so paranoid.

to Anonymous Gonzales, Louisiana, United States #1014925

evidently you work for walmart or you just don't know what the *** you talking about. cause I see it all the time at prarieville walmart on airline hwy. open your eyes to walmart unless like I said you work for them.

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