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Bought a Wii at the Redlands Walmart, got it home and found the unit itself was damaged and would not work. Returned it to Walmart the next morning and was told that that unit didn't belong in that box and was told they would have to cehck with the associate that sold it and see if they checked serial number per policy (which she did not) and check video footage to see if protocol was followed.

Received a call a few hours later and was told that there was nothing they could do and I was out $145 dollars. I pointed out that obviously they did not follow their own policy as far as the unit in that a returned and damaged unit somehow made its way into a new box. They didn't reallt care.

Fortunately after contacting Nintendo, the unit was replaced after I explained to them what had happened. Obvioulsy neither myself or any of my family will ever shop at Walmart ever again.

BS in Redlands

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Something similar happened to a guy at my local Walmart. He bought a game and when he tried to register the game he couldn't because that game had already been registered. They let him exchange the game.


Sounds to me like they were trying to return their old one in a new box to get a free wii. And now thier pissed that the stores accualy look for the serial numbers on all return electronics.


What lies are going on?? This post accused Target and Kmart above and should be given the same serious thought as any other liar would be given.

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