Toronto, Ontario

I want to Walmart yesterday November 3 to do grocery shopping like I do every week and I spent $300 or sometimes more depends on the sales I want in the elevator the elevator was so dirty this was Scusset thing people were touching the elevator and touching fruits when I seen that it made me sick to my stomach I decided to go to no-frills and do the grocery shopping there I spoke to someone on the floor and I asked them if they could have someone to clean It she's like yes I will call someone I came back half an hour later it was still the same this is an healthy safety concerns this is on the acceptable. I had a big store this is how germs comes and people get sick that elevator buttons it was even sticky

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I didn't know Walmart stores had more than 1 floor.


PS you could get sick anywhere, like at school when one of your first grade classmates forgets to cover themselves when they sneeze, or on the slide when someone had diahrea.


Someone could have messed up the elevator again after it was cleaned. Also Walmart only has one floor, since when did a store with one floor have elevators. If they were cleaning the elevator when you wanted to use it you would complain you did not have access to it and complain about how you had to haul your big fat *** up the stairs.


Give me a break with nonsense like this.