I recently decided to give my local Walmart another try. I was sick and tired of the lines being long, because there was only four

registers opened. Today was no different. There was only eight registers open out of the 20 they have. I waited in one of the express

lines for over ten minutes. When I finally got to the counter, I handed the cashier all my clothes. I had one shirt and one pair of

pants. I didn't want to sit them on her counter, because it looked as though it hadn't been cleaned in months. The cashier asked if I

can give her one at a time. I started to get a little agitated at this point. I explained to the cashier that I didn't want them on

her disgusting counter. She says sorry, then gives me some lame excuse that she didn't have time to clean the counter. I said I didn't

care if she was busy and that the counter should be cleaned after every customer. She again says she is sorry and at that point I have

had enough. I shoved my shirt into her face telling her never to speak to me like that again. She then starts yelling at me saying I

had thrown the shirt at her. I told her that I had never thrown the shirt at her and I was going to report her. To top it all off, the

register wouldn't take my card right away. Finally, it did. I believe she had something to do with this. To add insult to injury, the

cashier tells me to have a good day. I then storm off, vowing never to return.

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"The OP had a reasonable request. I agree that she should have just asked her to wipe down the counter first, but that is something that should be done between EVERY CUSTOMER."

Then we would have idiots like you complaining about the longer lines.

to Jedi Knight Ethan #574888

Wipe down the counter with what? These cashiers are lucky if they are allowed a bottle of water at their station.

Ethan, it is time you are in bed.

You have to get up to go to school tomorrow. You are a little whiny *** troll.


that's a little hard to believe MsLea, considering the fact that you only stuff your face with fast food.


The best part about this is that you actually expected Wal-Mart to be like a local Mom & Pop store. The phrase "Local Wal-Mart" might bring cleanliness, quality customer service, and efficiency to your mind, but since it's the biggest company in the world, you have to realize these things have now become luxuries in this environment.

If you desire these attributes, don't go to Wal-Mart. You go there for selection, cheapness, and service from undereducated, underpaid employees that all wish they were working somewhere else.


The OP had a reasonable request. I agree that she should have just asked her to wipe down the counter first, but that is something that should be done between EVERY CUSTOMER.

No one wants to put their things down on dirty counters, especially clothes. I don't buy clothes at Walmart, but I have many times got on to cashiers for having dirty counters, and I always make them clean them off before I put my stuff down on them.

Customers expect cleanliness as well. I don't want to put my food down on a dirty counter that is probably riddled with germs.


The sad thing is this person actually is a teacher. What "grown up" behaviour she has for someone who teaches. Shoving the shirt in someone's face is the same as throwing it at them.


The cashier cannot cause the machine to not take your card. Its set up in such a way as to prevent fraud, theft, and whatnot.

Seems to me that you were being very rude to this poor cashier and I don't blame her a bit for being upset that you threw your shirt at her.

Which, you freely admitted to btw. I believe a few lessons in manners are in order here.


I am a visiting tourist from India. I went to the walmart store no 1481 ,209 Lake shore parkway ,Birmingham,Alabama on sept 2,2011.

I tried a jeans in the trial room and left my sony camera with some important photographs taken with this.Next day I went to the store and came to know from the employee in the duty of the fitting room that , the camera has been deposited in the cusomer's desk. I approached the Manager on duty and they could not find it despite my repeated reminders and dropping down at the store couple of times.Every time they tell me we are investigating this.

I would leave Birmingham on 16 th sept. my email id is mishra.priyadarshi@gmail.com and mobile number is 919 518 3309.


OP's actions were totally uncalled for, but Walmart's NEVER has enough registers open. I know people call out a lot, but managers are supposed to MANAGE.

Would it kill one of them to jump on a register if they see it backed up. I've walked out more times than I've checked out, leaving a buggy full of merchandise to be put back up. Sorry, but no exaggeration on the wait time. I've waited 15 min before I walked out, checked my watch.

Uncalled for. I only go there when absolutely necessary.

Walmart employees are paid slave wages. They deserve the highest form of respect.

"Ye are gods!" lol But seriously, you guys deserve a lot of respect and gratitude for the *** you put up with every day and then have to try to pay the electric bill and the car payment AND food and necessities on the slave wages you get.

OP is a *** who deserved the tretment they got. What makes you people think you have a right to everything under the sun just because you are a consumer?

You have hardworking intelligent individuals being paid jack *** and treated like children, then the customers come in demanding to be treated like royalty because they just spent 7 bucks on that 'Best of WWE' DVD. *** OP.


The cashier had the attitude? It sounds like you are the one with the attitude.

You were rude to her because her counter was dirty.

You could of asked her to wipe the counter off before you set down your purchases. I'm sure she would of done so.

If you think the lines are too long now, imagine how long they would be if the cashier had to lean the register after each customer. Shall we roll out a red carpet when you come to check out as well so you don't have to step on the dirty floor?
Also, someone else probably tried on those pants before you bought them and *** in them. Enjoy :)

the counter should not be washed after every customer, that is ***.

Also, should it matter? If you don't wash your clothes after buying them, just imagine all the sweaty dirty people who may have tried them on.

So, you're either a lying troll, or someone who deserves to have been banned by walmart.


Wow, OP is queen of the ***.

I love how they're saying they shoved a shirt in the employee's face, then turning right around and saying anybody who did that to them would be charged with assault. Admitting to assault there, huh, OP? I thought I had seen *** before, but the OP takes the cake for 'biggest *** I've seen in ages'.


I agree with Fierce Kitten not everybody is trained for Register Duty and like every one else said if you asked for a paper towel to clean the register up they would have.

Fierce Kitten


Not all Walmart associates are trained to work a register. Only cashiers, CSMs, service desk associates or associates who work in areas where there is a register (garden center, electronics, etc) receive training for it. Those loafing associates you mentioned are likely either on break or not capable of being used as a temporary cashier.

As for the waiting time, I find that customers exaggerate. I am a cashier and I have never taken longer than 2 minutes on an average single cart transaction. That includes scanning, bagging and moving the bagged items to the cart, accepting payment from the customer then handing them their change and/or receipt. The longest transaction I've ever had took 5 minutes and it was 6 full carts. Not all cashiers are going to be as fast but it still rarely takes an obscene amount of time for us to do our job. If it did, we would be fired or moved to a different department.

Waiting sucks but that's how it goes when you're at a store that is usually busy no matter the time of day.


Lol. Really.

Wash the counter after every customer? Seriously. If that was the case we would be in line like 1 hour.

I have an idea wash your clothes before you wear them... better yet carry your own spray bottle and wash the counter yourself!

If the counter was dirty ask her for a paper towel to wipe it off. They will.

It sounds like you were rude to her.

If you don't like the lines, then walk out and don't shop there. :cry

The princess is funny.. But seriously, I have never gotten thru their checkout lines in any kind of timely manner.

Why even have 20 checkout lines when they NEVER have them open. We always have to stand in line for 10-30 minutes..no matter what time of day or night..in fact, night is worse. In most stores, night is less traffic and you can get out shortly..not walmart. the wait is longer..the worst part is you see employees loafing all over the store, when they could be manning the register.

Sad that walmart is not concerned with customer service. We hate them for this fact alone.

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