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I am so angry right now. I just got home from Wal-Mart (Store #2517 at Harbor & McFadden), and I will never go buy anything from Wal-Mart again at.

I order notebook online that is 5pc in a packet and quality 1 and when came to Wal-Mart pick up. When I pick up my order, a cashier worked for Wal-Mart name Viet only give me one piece of the item but I did told him my other is 5pc and quality 1, and he is told me I'm *** or what? In the other only show quality 1 that is mean 1 book only. But I keep telling him to looked at my receipt there is 5pc and quality 1 "that is mean I order 1 packet has 5 pc in it".

That employee Viet's give me a very bad attitude and call I'm a *** go away, then he has told me show him some poof that is 5pc on my order and I did go to Wal-Mart.com from my phone and show him the item, then I've asked him let me talk to his manager, after 20 mins of waiting one Wal-Mart manager came out and her name is Monica. I did tell her the same thing but she also telling me I'm so *** on front of the other customer.

So I asked them for a Store Manager & District Manager phone number, she told call me 800walmart. I'd think Wal-Mart should not hire these 2 peoples because they're unprofessional and has a really bad attitude.

I told the guy employee name Viet about his attitude, but he has told me he doesn't cared because this is his second job, and he will be a doctor in the next 2 year so he don' give a *** if the Wal-Mart fire him or not, then Manager Monica and the guy Viet laughing out loud, and they told me do I want to pick up or not or I'm *** wasting their times? So who do I report these issues to?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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You and your problems are not important.

You want two people to lose their jobs because you got a wild hair up your ***? Really?

One suggestion, I get the idea that English is your second language, please learn how to write grammatically correct when committing slander against people.


You've lost your credibility by lying. You won't be able to get anyone fired.

Unlike you, the security cameras don't lie. 1-800-WAL-MART is a valid number, if that's what you want to do.

If there was an error, then that's all it was -- a mistake. Mistakes can be corrected.


Sorry I wasted your time everyone. I made the whole thing up to get attention.


what is a lowlife people using my name to reply my post


Who is the one wrote this and using my name? I never wrote this below

1. Written by Undersworld on September 1, 2011

Okay, I admit they did not call me s t u p i d. The word covered with ***. I only made that up to get them fired. When I started swearing they laughed at me, then they made their friend another customer laugh at me, and when i asked where that other customer worked so i can find out and get her fired they laid and said they did not know the person and told me not to return because kids were hearing my infinity when i was swearing. i said i won't return and i will lie about them and get them fired, and they said they had me on tape and i said i will come back and they will be fired.