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I was in Wal-Mart couple days ago, why I as waiting the long 30 minutes lines, one of the employee was talking to a customer about how wal-mart doesn't really care about people walking out with food with out paying. One of family member walk out with a basket full of grocery and no one notice, She found out the next morning, but didnt nothing about it because if she did she was going to get fire from the job.

She said that sometimes cashiers forget to scan out food are supplies or do it on purpose with family members and when the alarm by door beeps they give them the o.k to go instead of rescanning the product to see what was not scan. Wal-mart needs to train thes employees not to be talking about personal problem while on the job, when there is customer overhearing their issues.

Wal-Mart I will be glad to give you the location and name of employee. No wonder you have long lines, employees are busy chit-chatting.

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You are either a "liar, liar pants on fire" or else what you allegedly overheard was somebody trying to sound important. You know bragging, trying to sound like a "know it all."


90 percent of the people who work for Walmart are *** anyway.

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