Reading, Pennsylvania
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I had just started to collect unemployment and decided to shop at the local walmart in Trooper P.A. As we walked down the freezer isle,two black males employees walked passed us and then we heard this." She better not even think about coming here for a job she will never get hired."

I stopped in my tracks and turned around and one of the black males was standing there staring me down and laughing, then he walked away with his friend.

You gotta love social media. I still do not know who he is,yet he must know me.

Other times I have been chased,is how I can best describe it.

I am hurried through my shopping trip. I have started to shop elsewhere,but I am pissed because I like to shop at Walmart.

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Have you considered the possibility that they weren't talking about you? It sounds like they don't know you any more than you know them- they were probably having a convo about someone else that you just happened to overhear at a bad juncture.