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Mrs. Kidd Rights were Violated: If no, human, (Pat McCaster, Lieutenant O'Dell, and Officer C. Campbell) sees, what Walmart surveillance video footage sees, then no one rights have been violated. Three men (Pat McCaster, Lieutenant O'Dell and Officer C. Campbell) violated Mrs. Kidd Rights. They all saw what Walmart surveillance video saw. Not one of the men went against Walmart surveillance video even though Pat McCaster, Lieutenant O'Dell and Officer C. Campbell looked at the video, as soon as, they walked into the Access Protection Room. As you will see on the second video, my family privacy was violated, as well, which could have been avoid if Pat McCaster, Lieutenant O'Dell and Officer C. Campbell had told the truth, as to who they saw in Walmart surveillance video.

Walmart Supercenter Store Inc. in Saraland, Alabama, employee, Pat McCaster, who works in the Access Protection Room and Saraland, Alabama Police Officers, Lieutenant O'Dell and Officer C. Campbell Falsely Accused, and Interrogated, Mrs. Kidd, a 64-year-old Mother and Grandmother, who never walked into the store, of Stealing a cell Phone.

Check out the Videos...Second Video coming soon

They were unnecessarily humiliated, embarrassed, which brought on anxiety, depression, fear, worry, frustration and insomnia, as people walked in and out of the store, stopping, watching and coming back inside of the store to get a better look at the accused victim, her daughter and her three grandchildren.

During the recording of the first video in the outer section of the store, Mrs. Kidd was actually marked by a bystander. Mrs. Kidd said to her daughter and Officer C. Campbell, I am going to sue. The bystander repeated, as to what she had said to her daughter and Officer C. Campbell, I am going to sue.

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Senior Citizens deserve to be treated with RESPECT! SHAME ON YOU WAL-MART! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!


If all of you had read the blog and really looked and really listen to the two videos before youtube terminated the account, then you could speak. Until you do that, then, you will be able to judge/speak.

Evidently you all are blind just like the three men. Or maybe you don't want to see their wrong because a black lady and her family were in the right. Those are Corrupts Cops, Lieutenant O'Dell and Officer C. Campbell, as well as Walmart Employee Pat McCaster.

The two videos speak for themselves...they are convincing enough for any truthful judge to see just who was in the wrong!!! Have a good rest of the day Anonymous, Tonya55 and busttamomac and remember don't speak until you get the facts. OOOOh busttamomac I'm not going to stoop to your level. Don't be a follower be a leader!

Have some respect for yourself at least when you are posting. Don't do or say things for a laugh it makes you look small. I love Y'all...again have a wonderful day!!!! I don't go back and forth but today I felt like I should.

This discussion is FINAL. End of discussion!


Your post doesn't make any sense. How would you convince anyone in court that you had been wronged?


Lol at "going to sue". If you're taking legal action, posting here doesn't help your case

to Tonya55 #1562872

Police trying to investigate & you acting like a project rat

to Tonya55 #1563649

One night my brother was visiting at my home and he was outside and really drunk and he was really pissed off yelling "I'm going to sue the president! I'm going to sue the FBI!

I'm going to sue the Governor! I'm going to sue the Sherriff's Department, Etc. Etc.

After he finally left, about 5 minutes later the Sherriff's Department came banging on the door wanting to know who the hail that was out there yelling like that so late at night. When they found out that he was drunk and that he had just left minutes before, the said a quick goodbye and took off looking for him, hoping to catch him in the act of DWI, but luckily for my brother, he made it home in time before they caught up with him.

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