Rusk, Texas

I am parked at walmart and a employee walks pushing a buggy in the front of my car and hits it hard with the buggy, while I sat in the car and watch with disbelief. I got out of the car and ask do u disrespect every one car parked like that he just looks at me ***.

I did go inside and reported it to the manager which told me if she talks to the employee he won't listen to her . I then reported it to a higher manager and not much said from him. Probably nothing will be done to this employee . Needless to say I now have a scratch on the front of my car thanks to this dumb walmart employee .

I am filing a police report tomorrow . I am so disgusted by this outrage, the nerve of people seize to amaze me.

This employee doesn't have any morals at all and no care for others. Thanks for nothing walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I'm sorry to hear that happened to your car.

"the nerve of people seize to amaze me" <- What does that even mean LOL!!!!!!

The nerve of people never ceases to amaze me.

The stupidity of people never CEASES to amaze me!


A similar incident happened to me at my local walmart 2 weeks ago - I went to get into my car - Looked around - no obstacles - 3 minutes later I backed up - looking around & in back being careful - I hear a slam and a scraping noise - I got out of the car to find an employee left a row of metal carts in back of a couple of cars and walked off - The carts are low to the ground - there's no way you can see them - I found the employee, he was rude - I filled out an accident report - I had to call walmart 3 times to get any help - they told it was being taken care of - Long story short, Walmart insurance company will not return my calls and Walmart does not care - as a result I have scrape and scratch marks on the back of my car. Walmart is a Horrible, Greedy Company - I will no longer shop at Walmart


Too late to file a report! No YOU don't have any morals.

Filing a false report just to do what? They're right about you. If you communicate the same way you write, then you won't go very far. You will, however, go to jail for trying to put the squeeze on your insurance co.

or on Walmart.

Word of advice. Walmart has better attorneys so just prepare to lose.


I would have called 911 immediately.


Well if you communicate like you writing they probably couldn't quite make out what the *** this flak in front of me was doing.Having a seizure,nerves brake down ? or just full of s.hit.


LOL! Well said


I call bs because my truck was hit by a buggy at walmart and the manager came out took pictures and some one from walmart called me the next day and offered me $800 to get it fixed or I could go to a body shop and get an estimate


I call BS as well, especially since on another site he claimed the same thing happened only this time it was a Target employee.


Yeah, call the cops. They have nothing better to do than investigate your car scratch.

I can save you some time - the cops will tell you "too bad". It is a civil matter, not a criminal one.


why not call the police immediately next time. just call the police they could have went right in and looked at the tape and you could have either gotten your car fixed by walmart or by the employee.

next time do not wait.

Management gets paid nothing and they are even worse then the clerks at this place.


What word is spelled "u?" Did it ever occur to you from the response you got from the employee that he might be deaf or mentally handicapped? I find your story a little hard to believe because I have never seen a WalMart employee just pushing one cart.

Turn it into your insurance company and let them tackle WalMart. That is the easiest way to go, even when you are involved in an accident.