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On my birthday my boyfriend and I went out and decided that after dinner we wanted to go out and let me pick out my own birthday present. I had my heart set on a specific piece of jewelry and after hours of searching, we found nothing in our price range. As a last resort we went to Walmart (not exactly the best place to find jewelry but it shouldn't matter where it comes from as long as I like it), and I found just what I wanted at a great price.

Us and another customer stood at the jewelry counter for literally ten minutes waiting for someone to come over. After about another five minutes my boyfriend went over to customer service and had someone paged over. ANOTHER five minutes later this woman comes sulking over and goes to help the woman that was waiting after we had been there longer. What made the situation awful was every question this woman had for the Walmart employee was answered with a rude, impatient answer such as, "I don't know" and "Don't ask me I don't usually work in this department." After a bit the customer got testy and said that she was being a bit rude the employee replied, "Yeah well I don't usually work in this department you see I was on MY BREAK and YOU called me over. I work in OTHER departments as well you can't expect me to just come over here."

When it came to helping us, she was awful. I asked to try on a ring before looking at the necklace I had my eye on and before even getting a ring size from me she basically told me no, that all rings come in one size and I wouldn't be able to find one that fit. We were so annoyed we just grabbed the necklace and left. We should have made a complaint but time was limited. I just think that if you are that unhappy and miserable with your job that you can't force yourself to be polite to people, you probably shouldn't work there anymore.

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Sadly I too see this all the time, and i work there as a vendor - i.e. I rent space in a store for my business (like how banks , optometrists, subway , etc are sometimes in walmarts), so naturally I've come to know several employees.

They're literally constantly on break in the dingy gross back room that plays black and white tv on a station that plays reruns of 1960s television. Why would you even want to spend time in that windowless horrible room with flies everywhere? Any time you page for anybody they're "on break." Last I checked people get 1 to 2 15-min breaks and a 30 min lunch. Some employees working 8 hour shifts get an hour lunch and 40 minutes of breaks which they don't include the 5 minute to and from walk to the time clock, so it's more like 2 full hours a day each person is not working.

They say "smokers used to get an extra 5 minutes on their break so I should too!" It would be one thing if they actually worked during their shift but they dilly dally and are super uneducated and inefficient and slovenly. It's just not a place for respectable people to mingle.


*** spasms ***


I dont think she was beeing rude to the employee's at all I have worked in retail for 20 years and I also shop in walmart and when I have been in walmart and sked someone to help me I get the attitude from them like I am bothering them and they just point and say its over there now that is not custemer service at all, then I go to the checkout and i'm waited on next and I have all my stuff out of the cart and there was no sign saying she was closed and the employee says rudly to me i'm closed and going on my break you have to load your cart back up and go to another check out.Now is this right for the employee to treat the custmer like this , all the custmers thyat shop in Wal mart it pays for there wages.


What Walmart was this at because I would like to avoid it as much as possible, The Walmart I work at always make sure that we people there that know stuff about the department we go in, but she was right about 1 thing all the rings walmart has comes in a size 7 did she ever let you try one on she is suppose to let you try it on if you request to.


& for the real writer. wow what a real *** .

tasha is probably right you were probably being rude to the employee as well. seeing as how you can't stand someone helping you or agreeing with you.


in case you do not know how to read. i already have a job. and since i'm sure you are the one going in to places like walmart and being rude to the employees you would know all about the situation.


tasha I did not say I was fired. I said if I did something like that at my job then I or anyone who worked there would get fired or suspended.

Also I didn't mean others were posting on this article as the writer, I mean there are other articles on this site were people are writing *** things on comments and writing them while posing as the person who wrote the article. And this is the first time I have hear of a company making an employee help a customer while they were on lunch break. If that is the case Walmart needs to hire more employees. They have enough money to hire as many people as they want.

Still, if I was called on my lunch break to help a customer I would rather help the customer with whatever they needed and not be rude about it. Plus I would be punched in so I would be getting paid so I wouldn't care that I was on my break. Because if I was called to help someone I would punch back in :) And as to the walmart employee who wrote a comment. I don't see anywhere were the customer was rude to the employee!

If you can't read it was the other way around. And you are saying you get in trouble if you help people on your break, then that was the employee decision to go over there. The customers did not go up to her and make her come and help them. If a walmart employee has a problem with helping customers then they shouldn't be working there.

or if they have any problem with their job they should talk to the manager. not take it out on a customer. This is why I stopped going to walmart. They can't seem to hire decent people.

If you want better service you go to place that is a little more expensive. Ofcourse the cheapest places will hire the cheapest people they can find.


If rude *** customers like you would be considerate to Us Associates while we are on lunch then maybe they would be considerate to you, Do you not care that we can into trouble helping customers on our lunch breaks? I didn't think so.


And if the worst thing to ever happen to that lazy worker was working through her lunch then she should consider herself lucky. I work with out breaks all the time.

Then again, I have a high standard of living that is only afforded with hard work. I guess some people are happy with mediocre.


If the rude employee had a problem with working on her lunch break she should have told her superior. She didn't need to take it out on the customer.

Saying "I don't know" is customer service suicide. She should have said "I would gladly find out for you." It's a jewelry counter, not rocket science.

I hate lazy people. And with our economy in dire straights she should be working very hard to keep her job.


no tasha, that was my only comment on this post :) its just that i see a lot of comments on this page were other people are posing as the writer of a complaint and writing *** things as comments as if they are the other person. its common sense for a lot of the comments i've seen on other articles.

Also, I work as a customer service rep. and if i had any kind of attitude with a customer or if i wasnt able to do my job i would get suspended or fired. as of anyone for any company i would think.

but not if the manager doesn't know what their workers are doing. a lot of walmart employees act like the one that is written about.


I'm pretty sure the writer of this post didn't post again under " Worse of all " . But yea, you should definitely make a complaint to Walmart directly.

Contact the manager over the phone or in person. It does not matter if this person works in that department, was on her lunch break, or had a bad day. She can not be rude to customers.

It causes the store to lose business and makes customers really unhappy. Management would definitely want to know situations like this


Just because you didn't have the time to file a complaint when it happened doesn't mean you can't call back up there with the proper information after the fact to report the incident. Granted if that employee wasn't the one who rang up your purchase, you will have to know their name.

If they were the one who rang you up, all you should need is the receipt. Typically management isn't aware of situations like this, with rude employees, because people don't take the time to report them and often, if you do tell the manager politely - which you seem capable of doing as this complaint was well written and very mature, I feel - they will be happy to at the very least look into the situation.


She was unhappy because she doesn't work in that department and does not know anything about the merchandise.