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Hello all,

Today i had the most awful/bizarre experience while shopping at Walmart in Seacaucus,NJ. I had to use the bathroom and as i entered the bathroom I noticed someone in the nearest stall. I took notice because on the floor of the stall was a blue collared shirt with a Walmart employee name tag clip attached. I thought this was a bit odd but went on my way to the urinal closest to that stall.

Then as i went on with my buisness i suddenly heard a loud splash. Immediately following this splash was a feeling of wetness on my leg. I then looked down and to my horror i saw red-yellowish chunks all over my shoes lower leg. Trying to process this another splash fell and hit me again. The smell was so horrible and i began to feel nauseated (Im not good with throw up).

I immediately went to customer service and asked if they would go check out the mens room because an employee had just puked on my shoes and legs. The customer service manager paged someone in Spanish and then handed me a roll of paper towels. She then walked away, I thought she was going to see what was going on. But she had no interest what just happened to me and when she returned 15 minutes later she asked me if she could "help me with something?".. Taken back by the lack of care or concern i told her i thought she had left to investigate my complaint. She looked at me with a blank expression.I then told her i would like to file a complaint and a copy of it so i could contact the corporate office. She then paged the head manager..

A half-hour later the manager showed up and handed me an incident report. After filling out the form it then took another 30 minutes to get the manager to come back and sign the thing.. From start to finish it took almost two hours. They really showed no care whatsoever.

Finally done with it i began to shop around the store. About 20 minutes into my browsing the aisles out of no where the head manager just popped up and asked to speak with me. He basically was trying to stop me from going forward with the incident. I just told him i wanted to be compensated for my shoes. Four day old 110$ White Nike Air Max's were stained red by vomit. He called someone and had a ten minute convo and to come back and explain that everyone had left for the day.

I have pictures and the incident report. They made no effort to find out who it was even after I asked them to. Anyone know how to go about getting my shoes replaced? Is it realistic? Potential options for me?


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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I can't believe the people Ok with being vomitted on. Sounds like they didn't care about their employee or you.

If they were only 4 days old, you should be able to find or get the receipt from the store (if you used a card).

Contact corporate to replace the shoes.

Accident or not, it happened at their store by their employee and they are respondsible especially after such poor customer service.

I would not want to wear shoes that were puked on either.


Nobody here said that they was ok with that. Grow up.

There's more important things to worry about than a little vomit on a shoe. Reminds me of the time that my nephew accidentally pooped on me. He couldn't even walk yet and he had a upset tummy.

Changed my clothes, washed the dirty ones right away, and never thought anything else of it. *** happens.


Hello, so let's change the scenario instead of being a Walmart employee to a regular customer. Would you have the demand that guy to pay for your shoes?

Accidents happens and it seems you are just trying to get money out of this if you need the money go open a go found me page and request for that. Have a good one racist.


So, you filed an incident report over something that can be washed off? You yourself didn't give two *** about the person that was sick.


This post makes no sense.


This should have been treated as a hazardous material situation!


How dare a human being get sick in a bathroom!

You are an insensitive pig.


did he go diarrhea on your legs and shoes too? this is the dumbest thing I have seen on here yet....why do you expect the manager to do anything- did you peek under the stall to identify his genitals too? :cry :cry :cry :cry


I'm not sure if there is anything Walmart will do about replacing your shoes as you have no real proof what the shoes looked like before you entered the store. However, I would certainly check out their website for the corporate office contact information and report the incident if only so they are aware of what happened, particularly the lack of response or concern from the management staff.


Go online & see if you can get a number to the corporate office. They should take care of it for you.


You actually want walmart to replace your shoes over that? They have bigger things to deal with than vomit, Grow up and clean your shoes!