An older guy started yellin at me for a the cable of the wheel chair he said hellow I'm talkin to you. You have to put this this cable away im tired of telling listen to me then he told me that i wasnt aloud to to use it n I'm in cruches i have knee surgery so i caint walk that much he is a door greader he is short skinny and has gray hair he didn't even welcome me n another thing my Mom was having a hard time tryin to get a movie they asked her for her id to get a rated R. Movie n also when they didn't to return her money back when she went to return a movie that didn't work n they route with her it was an older lady and a guy what kind of place is this

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Altamonte Springs, Florida, United States #655158

well i have no problem with my spelling and have a higher education than high school ..i wont even bother about caps or punctuation... quite simply the wal-mart in altamonte springs, florida , is comprised of a large group of rude, ignorant , ghetto like individuals that are cliquish and petty in their dealings with their customers.

they are manipulative and treacherous. they take pleasure in being rude and unhelpful and are led by management which does not give a d....what they do or how they treat their customers.quite simply.this little walmart with the few shade trees which is supposed to be in an ok area, is frequented by gangster type individuals and run by employees who behave just the same.

my advice is if you have any intelligence or transportation to get somewhere else, even across the street to target..then do so .. spend your money somewhere where you dont have to worry about a gang fight or being attacked by the employees of the business


You need to start going to school.


Yes, please do stay in school and try harder to learn punctuation, it shows when a sentence ends and a new one begins. Good grammar helps to get your point across.

Don't worry about NerdlingerSS, he thinks everyone is an inbred ***.

Sounds like he knows just a little bit too much about the subject. I have had problems with Wal mart also, but it is true that you don't have to be high in the gene pool to work there.


Sweatheart. Its not spelled greader its greeter.

and I honestly could not understand your compaint, because your words are jumbled together, and the words are misspelled.

honey, you really need to stay in school. a 16 year old should have a better sense in writing a couple of sentences.


Stay in school.


Shows how *** Walmart customers are.

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