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To all of you people who love to complain about Wal mart workers. Go to gawker on line and read some of the true stories about what its really like to work at Wal mart.

The stories were posted when Wal mart asked their workers to post stories about what it was really like to work there on their internal web site. The employees did post their stories. But not the awesome stories that Wal mart expected. Stories were posted about employees being abused by customers and fellow employees.

People working minimum wage yet doing the job of two or three people. Then maybe you'll understand why these employees may seem "***" or act a bit "disrespectful".

Also, you must be an employee to post to this internal website.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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One thing you need to understand. When someone applies to Walmart, they are not aware of their responsibilities or pay until they get the job offer, and even then they are told specifics of what they will be doing.

It isn't until after they've been there a while that the real gravity of what they've signed falls onto them. They are asked small extra tasks at first, but at the end of it they are asked to cover extra departments, work and deal with things they know nothing about because they were not trained in those areas because it's not part of their job, however if they say no they get coached for it. It's miserable sometimes, but don't go saying they asked for it because they had no idea what it was going to be like until it was too late.

Working to get out of that *** myself. They will *** over and overwork you until you're completely exhausted.


all walmart employees should be lined up and shot it will put them out of their misery...poor pathetic walmart employees :zzz


Ya know, they did fill out the application with the amount of hours the specific hours they would work and agreed to the pay and conditions of the work they are doing. They are getting what they signed up for.

Then they cry about it??

I can't figure it. You could be right with their own deserved misery!!!


Sounds Like dragonslayer is another disgruntled employee who just makes the cogs of Walmart just a little worse for wear. This *** employee needs to move her tard *** to SF and join a parade.

Be better than the customers!!! Didn't even get my point about trying to better where you work! As for another thing dragondicklicker, I don't act the fool in public, there are enough of you to do that. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I have worked with the public and know it can be hard to deal with, but sometimes there are better ways to deal with people than being a tard like you. So go back to your substandard life and as for royalty, you are the one who needs her queen crown.

Quit crying and treat people like you'd like treated, I do. I have only had a few bad experiences at Walmart and chalk most of those up to poor management, and dragondicklicker here now as another.


I have to call *** on that. You chose to work there and be a person that deals with the public.

Try to make the company you work for better, not make people hate that store.

Otherwise apply for a stock position so you don't have to deal with the public. People complain cause the employees act like you and the stores are just poorly staffed and managed.




As a WM employee, please know what you're talking about before you speak.

You do not know of the abusive customers and managers we have to deal with day in and day out.

You do not know of what I have dubbed "The Walmart Entitlement Complex" (meaning you can basically throw a tempter tantrum over just about anything from the cashier not kissing your *** baby to how cold/dark/warm it is inside the store and get anything for half off or completely free)

Protip - Stockers work the sales floor just about all day, so your point is moot. Want to know why some employees might be a tad sour? Because of *** like you that come in there thinking you're royalty day in and day out and trying to walk all over anyone in a blue shirt, not to mention the asinine things we have to deal with from management, their management and that management's management. You wouldn't last one day at our job, check that, you wouldn't last one hour.

So before you think you know everything with such a *** answer, think about what you say, because I'm not on the clock right now and my job is not in jeopardy for telling you *** customers what we ALL really would just love to tell you.

Is it lonely up on your soapbox?