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Every time we go to Walmart, the employees are always rude and/or just plain unfriendly. What ever happened to "Hi" and "have a good day".

Companies used to strive for good customer service. AT my local Walmart, they just swipe the items and announce the total. They are generally older people that seem to hate their job. When you actually need help to locate an item in the store, they are no where to be found.

Even the dressing room lady never has anything to say other than "how many?" Target employees are usually much nicer. The prices are a bit higher there, but atleast I feel welcomed.

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Only a *** would not understand your point. As I am not one, I totally do.

It takes but an ounce of effort and a second of time to leave someone's day a little better because you actually did your job right- you provided excellent customer service. These WM drones don't know how to do it. They are the worst group of retail workforce in the entire city! Somehow, at the other stores, employees manage to keep their *** together- helping you buy merchandise WITH a friendly attitude.

No, I don't go to the store to socialize, but being in public is a social experience, and one I might be paying good money for. If I'm dropping hundreds of dollars in your store, I expect the slightest bit of courtesy from your staff. If I can't get it then I won't be back.

Last I checked, that isn't very good for business. Stay away from WM If you want to encounter decent employees who have brains enough to work and be friendly at the same time.


They are paid to do their socialize, not to socialize with lonely outcasts. If the OP had a better attitude she would have friends to socialize with.

Then again are you not the six year old that mistook being told no as rudeness? Why not saying hi first.

If they were showing courtesy you would complain that they are too busy socializing and not doing their job.


Did you go to WalMart to buy stuff, or did you go to socialize?

If you went to socialize with the staff, you are a ***. It is a store, not a club.

Entitled little ***.


In cases like this you are damned if you do, damned if you don't. Some people get angry the cashier acknowledges the customer, they say they are bring too friendly and not doing their job, and some customers like princesslea you have to guess what she wants. Sometimes she will want a chatty cashier, and sometimes she wants them to shut the *** up and leave her alone, and if you guessed wrong she wants to slap them.


I absolutely abhor Walmart. It attracts the scuzzy and trashy members of society and generally that means you're in for large amounts of stress when you go there.

All the cashiers are slow and unfriendly. They never seem to care if there are long lines and don't call for backup. I work at Target and I honestly don't know how people can compare us to Walmart.

We beat them a billion times over in every way possible. I'd rather pay more for an item than put myself through *** shopping at Wally World.



A dumb *** like you has a job? Wow, will miracles never end....


I will NEVER shop at Walmart again... The employees, specially the cashiers are so unfriendly... I really do not care how much money you make there, this does not give the right to someone to be rude to me or anybody... Specially when I am there spending my hard work money... But I do blame also MANAGMENT that do not invest in a proper trainning, do not educate their employee in how to offer a decent "customer service".

If the place is so horrible to work, than get a job somewhere else; if it is hard to find a job in this economy, than be thankful you have obe and SMILE more; and if you don't like to work with people then stay home.

Note to self: stick with TARGET!!!! That has a more positive and friendly vibe!


how true


You must have low self esteem and no friends and be very lonely if you are hurt that no one said hi to you.

Wanda E

I'm not defending rudeness. It's a pet peeve of mine, too.

However, do you realize how awful Walmart is to work for? The management treats their employees like *** on a regular basis. They cut the employees' work hours to part time so they don't have to provide them with insurance. The reduction in hours plus the lousy pay means that more than half of all Walmart employees are on public assistance and Food Stamps (SNAP).

Did you know that?

Don't even get me started on the scads of scummy customers that shop there. I know someone who does janitorial work at Walmart. He brings home horror stories including one about customers who - when using the bathrooms there - wipe their behinds on toilet paper and throw the fecal-ridden paper on the bathroom floor (instead of in the toilet.) This is a regular occurrence (believe it or not.) When the janitor brought it to management's attention, he was told he needs to be more compassionate because the Mexican people who do this are taught this way in Mexico and they don't know any better! REALLY????

Walmart is the pits all the way around. Sam Walton is probably turning over in his grave at what his business has become.


Since Walmart is one of the largest employers in the world the absolute lack a customer service from its employees is completely unacceptable. I have worked for Walmart and there is absolutely not a culture of customer service within the organization.

You should not have to go to a store where the employees act like you are an inconvenience to them. This is particularly true with the evening stocking staff. I receive dirty looks from them frequently and they often "run you off the road" so to speak when they are transporting stock to their assigned aisle. I realize this will not change because their hiring standards are low but it should be concerned to all of us.

For those who say don't shop there this is complete naive statement.

Many communities have few options when it comes to groceries. Ridiculing someone for asking to by employees just shows how much we have degenerated as a society.


Wal-mart employees do not intend to be rude. The problem is they're expected to do 100 things at once, and even handle customer concerns and complaints. I work at Wal-mart as a cashier, and many times I've seen both ends of the barrel. It bothers me when an employee doesn't respond politely to "Have a night day." Instead of a thank you, I get an "okay."

I've also seen very rude customers. Customers will come in with attitudes, accuse us of giving them dirty looks (more often than not we're just very tired from long thankless hours), and then accuse us of having an attitude when we are serving them professionally. I've seen customers scream, let their children throw temper tantrums in the store, and start fights with other customers.

It's really hard to work there, but at times there is no choice. The sad part of it is, unlike you who can complain to a manager about employee rude behavior, there is no one like that for us to report rude customers.

I really wish both ends would be polite to each other. Thank yous, you're welcome, take care, have a nice day, they're not poisonous words. But today's society is apparently allergic to those considerate phrases.

The nicest, politest customers I've ever had were customers from England.


Hi Melissa,

I read your post & your right, kindness should be a 2 way street. I've seen my share of rude customers & rude employees (I shop @ walmart, I don't work there) ..

I heard that the employees aren't treated right at all & that store needs to make some major changes. You just keep doing your job & things will improve :) by the way, have a great day & be safe :)


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I work in the Fitting Room at my Walmart and we don't always have enough time to talk since we have to play as Operator over the Phone as well. Not all of the employees are rude though.


If you don't like it, don't shop there.