Anchorage, Alaska
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here in anchorage alaska, there are two walmart stores. there are few choices locally to purchase needs and wants.

from the moment you walk into the store you are usually greeted by some seriously elderly person that asks if you need a cart... i am afraid to say yes for she might hurt herself trying to get one unstuck for you. if you need help finding something in a store or need to be checked out, forget it if you dont speak whatever language it is. once i blurted out a derogatory comment, but there was no reaction.

the two girls that were ringing up my merchandise couldnt understand "where are the cold sodas", all they did was smile and said something like yes. not only is it rude (we speak english in america and it is accepted world wide as a primary form of communication. secondly it is an inconvenience to not be understood. thirdly, if they could speak english and tell me where something is, i would buy it.

i dont hang out in walmart because i am bored.

i go there because i need something specific and everyone else is out. walmart needs to get onboard become an equal employer and hire some english speaking employees.

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I found the same problem in Naples Florida except the elderly person at the front door did not speak.

But try to find help and no one speaks English they say "me find manager" It 's quite rude.


You have no nerve calling grown women girls and making fun of their English when you don't know how to write a proper sentence. Your English is not that good either.


America is not a coutry, America is a continent, you a racist. I don´t know why you guys keep saying this is america:( this is USA and the continent is America, you need to understand that.


The United States is located on the continent called NORTH AMERICA, along with Canada, Greenland, Mexico, etc. I think you are confusing the United States with Australia, which is a country but also the name of the continent.


Yes, today I was kicked out of Wal-mart,because I complained that there was no one to help me that spoke english. I was upset already, but I became even more irrate when a customer who was hispanic said to me here in America there is no official language, all languages are spoken.

That pissed me off and I told him English is the official language in America and has been for decades. Then other facist liberals who have been brain washed began to pass by making comments that I was rude for complaining. Is it rude to want to be able to communicate with someone when in my own country who can speak the language and help me in a customer related job? Wal-mart kicked me out for arguing my point with the manager and passer byes who made comments against my feelings which tend to make a person irrate when defending America, and could casue that patriot to speak loudly in defense of his or her country and maybe and even say a couplof cuss words when rudely told that that American is making waves for a store who is using contracters to hire illegals who speak no english, and now even hiring asians and indians from india who speak no english.

Englsh speaking Americans however are not elligable for hire.

:( And are usually told to leave if they complain too loudly that they are receiving very bad service. :x


While we are on the subject why not learn to spell and use proper grammar. Irate only has one r in it and English and Hispanic should be capitalized. You live in this country at least learn the proper rules of grammar here.


Really derogatory comments? Those are completely unnecessary and go show to how "tolerant and understanding" Americans are.

Have you ever thought about reading signs for yourself and finding the cold sodas?

Or maybe learning a foreign language? Stop hiding behind your facade of tolerance.


Stop making excuses for people who are too lazy to learn the language of the country they chose to become a part of. People have came here from other countries for decades but when the country was truly America the president Roosevelt even said that immigrants wishing to become citizens of our great nation should learn the language and must speak English, at one time it was a requirement to learn English to become a citizen, now you don't even have to be a citizen or speak English, which means Americans don't stand a chance in heck in this country anymore because the foreign nations have taken America over and are enforcing their own rules which pushes us out.

My dad fought for this country he was an American citizen.

I am not giving my country up that easy, I don't care if they put me in jail or kick me out of every Walmart in this state, they wont though because I wont ever give Walmart another dime of my hard earned American money. :(


me English teacher told me this ear me fail english, me tell her thats unpossible.


You may speak English well but your written English sucks.


Dear YOU ARE SAD!!!!!,

Hate to tell you this but YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!

The US has a language that is the officially recognized language for standard daily use by it's citizens. And so does EVERY OTHER country. Why aren't we allowed the same without being labeled any one of a number of bad things? In very many, if not most, other countries you can't even become a citizen without learning their language FIRST. We, on the other hand, are much more tolerant and understanding of the fact that learning a whole new language is far from an easy thing to do. So we allow citizenship with practically zero ability to speak our language in the hopes that over time they will learn. And we even provide enormous amounts of help for them. Usually completely free. Unfortunately, many of our new "citizens" find it much easier to climb on the Minority Bandwagon, claim discrimination, and then demand that the rest of us cater to them because they don't want to be bothered to try and actually JOIN their new country and home.

This is just one example of what Equal Opportunity has mostly become. What was once a very good and needed thing is now so blatantly abused that it is almost beyond belief.

And you defend this? This actually seems right to you? How? Why? Can you even begin to justify this? Heck, let's even suppose that the original poster maybe could have been more patient about this. That still does not completely absolve the responsibilities of the other people involved. Please do try to explain this to me because so far all you have done is regurgitate the usual Politically Correct double talk.


From your own post......"we speak English in America" "I blurted out a derogatory comment" "forget it if you don't speak whatever language it is"

Is that careful enough?? You make yourself look like an ***!!! Then you try to change what you said in your follow up! "Don't speak English" and lack of communication are 2 very different things. You show this post and your ideas to this person and their family or anyone of a different nationality and I guarantee they would be disgusted with you!

It is not me that bit you, it is your own wording. You make yourself look ignorant by stating they don't speak English, they speak whatever language it is. This world does not revolve around your lazy self! It is you with the lack of communication! Anyone that has somewhat half decent communication skills could probably figure out at least the language it is a person speaks. Maybe with a little effort on your part you might even be able to figure out what this person might be getting at, but that would be to much work wouldnt it!

Oh yea, and don't try and pull that whole "what this nation was founded on". Our country is based on freedom and opportunity. Meaning that it is not required to cater to one specific language or nationality!


You are evidently another brain washed liberal. Anything goes there are no rules, let Jeehadd take over one day because we as Americans are too liberal and we by finding the need to be fair allow Jehadd to pray in our schools when christions are not even allowed to pray or say the pledge of allegiance because the word God is in it.

Lets take out Christ from the word Christmas because we don't want to offend the Isllamists or the Atheists and we don't want to offend Hispanics or any other foreign people by speaking our own language in our own country and expecting that when we as Americans are in a store in our own country should be able to receive help in our own language, as I said in our own country. Because if we offend the foreigners we will get kicked out of our own store in our own country.


is the pot calling the kettle black her? no one said a *** thing about their nationality and/or indigenous origins.

whether or not i am a racist is irrelevant. the focus of the topic at hand is the incredible lack of English comprehension and communication skills within the local Walmart stores. its your attitude that easily trumps silently harbored racism and rips through the delicate fabric of democracy that this nation was found on like a hot knife through warm butter. in conclusion, careful reading might save one from looking like an ***.


BTW, what do you have against sweats? Walmart has an excellent selection and they provide very efficient athletic training attire here in the colder environment.


Especially if you can't find the freaking sodas in a Walmart lol!! The world does not revolve around lazy sad people like you!

Do you know the definition of equal opportunity? Obviously they are practicing equal opportunity by hiring these individuals you seem to dislike so much because they can not understand retard. your probably fat and wear sweatpants to walmart. I can not believe you are bashing someone over their native language.

You are the reason the rest of the world is starting to look down upon this country. You are a racist


That is really a *** comment. There is nothing wrong with asking for a little help.

And equal opportunity does not mean hire someone who cannot speak english and do their job properly it is called customer service and after a while if the customer service is no good people tend to stop shopping at that store. :roll