Here it is the end of 2014 and I've yet to hear a word from Walmart. I was robbed on July 15th of 2013 right smack in front of the *** store.

Not one employee would come out and check on me. I just spent a lot of money there as I always do in Xenia, Ohio. The worst part was I was in the process of chemo treatments and weak as *** so the guy got the upper hand and took my car. I wasn't expecting anything but kindness from Walmart but couldn't even get that.

I called to ask the next day why no one would come outside and see if I was ok considering they allowed this man to loiter outside their store for a long time. I got nothing but attitude on the phone like I robbed them.

I am now very afraid to even go to this *** store by myself. Thanks Walmart for supposedly taking care of your cusomers!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Roundup, Montana, United States #912202

wal-mart removed me from there computer so they would not have to replace my sun glasses that the lens cracked, this was pair #2, they replaced the first pair so i guess i will have to eat them I AM NOT HAPPY.

to ken Orange, California, United States #912338

You can do whatever you want them, but they cannot keep replacing glasses for your carelessness.

Orange, California, United States #912102

It is not their fault you got robbed. Why not trying to go inside the store and telling them what happened.

They are not mind readers and unless someone saw you get attacked and reported it to them they won't know about it. If anyone witnessed you getting robbed, they are probably just like all other Americans, they don't want to get involved.

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