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Update by user Dec 16, 2014

I spoke to an actual supervisor yesterday who was disgusted with the previous 2 employees behavior. He was extremely apologetic and reassured me that that is not how a Walmart employee should treat a customer.

Turns out Shaquice Johnson and Desiree Daniels don't actually work for walmart they work for a company contracted to help with the call volume for the holidays and they were not following proper procedure nor walmart customer service policies.

Luckily though Danny the real supervisor did make it right and reimbursed the difference of the items in store price verses online. Since because of the warehouse's screw up of sending me the wrong items they had to be returned and repurchased in store.

Original review posted by user Dec 14, 2014

Ordered from and they sent the wrong product. I called customer service and the "csr's Shaquice and Desiree Daniels" I spoke with were rude, unprofessional, and refused to help or transfer me to the tier 2 management team said Supervisors don't work on the weekend, and told me to go to and send the email and attach screenshots before they could resolve the issue with the wrong merchandise being shipped but when I go to their site there is no way to attach the photos.

I spent 1 hour 33 minutes and 18 seconds on the phone to get no resolution and to have Shaquice argue with me talk over me raise her voice and be down right nasty and rude and refused to transfer me to her Supervisor said they don't answer phone calls.

Desiree Daniels was rude, unprofessional and told me I wasn't going to get any resolution to my problem without sending a screenshot from the site just to get me off the phone and sending the screenshot isn't even a possibility. Overall this is the worst customer service experience I've ever had with any company I've ever dealt with.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Orange, California, United States #916840

The OP is obviously six years old to ASSume that I am the employee on the phone because I called her on her own rude behavior. She may not think she was rude, however if she addresses people on this site like she did when she posted negative nasty comments to them, she obviously was rude and since she is lying and saying that I am the employee on the phone who knows what else this person is lying about.

I wonder why is her mother not watching her and making sure she behaves her age. Screenshots can be faked and according to your review you did not have screenshots. If you have a screenshot why not send it? Unless you are lying about that.

After all you are lying when you told people that I am the employee on the phone. With that lie who can believe you even when you are telling the truth. I don't work in customer service a second lie from you. You are just ASSuming this because you are six years old and that is the logical thinking of a six year old.

You say you were polite, but your rudeness to others on this site and the fact that you are lying and saying I am the employee who was rude to you on the phone makes people doubt your story. You also don't know how to read or spell.

It is spelled lying, and if you looked at my username my name is Kevin not Denise or Shaqise. Why not get mommy or daddy to read these replies for you because you apparently cannot comprehend what you read.

Fuzhou, Fujian, China #915916

Come on, let's hear an honest report. You were rude and obnoxious to them first weren't you? People don't just start hollering at you without provocation and you know it.

to ransom Orlando, Florida, United States #916009

Actually amazingly I wasn't rude nor yelled at them. It was only after she was yelling I told her she had a nasty attitude.

Markham, Ontario, Canada #915790

Telling you something you do not want to hear is not the same as being rude.

to KevinRichards Orlando, Florida, United States #915905

I work in customer service for a different company and I know the difference between being rude and being nice.... they were both rude Shaquice was the worst down to getting loud and arguing with me.

to sinnerkiss1982 Orange, California, United States #916318

The reason she was arguing with you was because you behaved like a six year old and could not take no for an answer, if you were arguing back you were just as rude kiddo.

to KevinRichards Orlando, Florida, United States #916707

Oh I'm sorry I forgot you were on the phone call as well so you know exactly what happened..... Trust me I won't accept an employee of a company telling me I'm lieing when I have screenshots to prove the companies error nor will I deal with being treated with disrespect.

Amazingly when I got an actual supervisor on the phone it took him less than 5 minutes to find the company error in my order and get the refund issued. Just saying you may have had experiences where the customer was wrong and I being in customer service for a different company have as well.

But this isn't one of those times. This was a Walmart screw up and the 2 employees I spoke to didn't know how to do their jobs and had attitudes.

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