Walnut Creek, California
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2 of Walmart employees Tashaun and Rickey made unauthorized copy of Tahoe key. Later came to my home and stole my SUV taking my 28" rims.

Walmart says it's not their responsibility. When they investigated the men from my information, they were caught stealing thousands of tires and products. I haven't been compensated for my losses yet.

I will contact BBB and all consumer resources till I get my compensation. Thanks

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Walmart bought new set of 28" wheels for my truck. Same style just black.

Also they located three of the original set.

Thanks for you all the support... even you *** people need to get this update


Right! The BBB will get you your money back.

You have no proof, other than they have a history of theft - that doesn't make them guilty - probably are, but we don't live in Germany in the third Reich!

Your insuracnce shoudl have covered it.

Get over it.

You were a victom of theft. Buy a security system for your vehicle, and get some security lugs.


So, why did you give these 'key makers' your address?

When ever I've had keys made, I pay cash so this type of thing doesn;t happen.


Who gives a *** about your rims be glad your *** runs and you have no proof these men did it until the police physically find the key and YOUR stuff in their possesion.


What is the conclusion of the Police based on their investigation?

What is not clear here, the vehicle was stole, and recovered only the tires and rims missing?

Or, did you come outside to find your tires and rims missing?

You do realize folks steal cars everyday without having a key?

You make an accusation, you have the burden of proof.


This is why I do not shop at Walmart!


Maybe I missed something, but how do you know it was the walmart employees that did this? Are you just assuming it was them or do you have proof?


"Obviously you cannot comprehend... they stole a copy of my key at work on the clock, while servicing my vehicle.

Slow ***; and the insurance only covered factory wheels.

Remember pissed off customer"

You cannot comprehend, The insurance company will pay not them. Have mommy or daddy read you the posts.


My after market rims are covered by insurance. Yours can also be covered by insurance unless they were total junk in the first place .


Kevin, I have to agree with you there. After all it was NOT Walmart that stole from him.

It was those two individuals, if that actually did happen. You're right to assume that this person is a child considering.

If he weren't a child, he would have contacted the police too. I think he just didn't want the police to think that he is prank calling them because he is a child and is obviously not old enough to drive.


Again! Kevin Richards and realm188 "have to agree" with each other.

Hah! Busted! Those two are one and the same! kevinrichardsrealm188 is the same person.

She works at Walmart and sits there defending them all day long! Loser!!


Yeah, because "Kevin" is common female name. Wow, aren't you smart.

Maybe Kevin and I just agree on a lot of things. Pretty sure I made it obvious in earlier responses that I don't agree with every single thing that Kevin has to say.


By the way, Anonymous, it's been quite a while since I have commented. I am not on here as much as I use to be.

Pretty sure that is obvious also. Just because I defend someone doesn't mean that I work for them.

Maybe I'm just more understanding than you. If you can't argue with facts, you are pretty much lying.


This isn't the WalMart website, you are on a general complaint site. Did it ever occur to you to report this to the police department.

IF you have complete insurance company turn the claim into them and I bet they will manage to get results from the WalMart employees. Actually it isn't the responsibility of WalMart to reimburse you, it should be the employees, themselves.


This is sad for you as a manager to comment anonymously! Crash and burn...

I will make this goes viral once I upload the videos of your employees testimony.

Also, maybe get a deal with the employees who stole so I will have lawsuit. Move around clown!!!


Hey, ***. If someone stole your car you report it to the cops and file an insurance claim, not *** out walmart and demand they pay for the car, this is WHY YOU HAVE CAR INSURANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walmart CANNOT be held liable for the actions the employees did while not clocked in, like when they went to your house to steal the car.

This is law school 101.

also what the *** are you talking about, "get a deal with the employees who stole so I will have lawsuit" if you know who the *** stole the car why the *** haven't the cops arrested them? Also how the *** would that help you sue walmart for off the clock actions of employees?

Oh and I don't and NEVER have worked for Walmart, I'm just not a *** retard like you.


Obviously you cannot comprehend... they stole a copy of my key at work on the clock, while servicing my vehicle.

Slow ***; and the insurance only covered factory wheels. Remember pissed off customer


Just because someone said something like that doesn't mean that they work for Walmart. We have a right to disagree or agree just as you do.

You disagree with stuff, guess that makes you an *** clown too.

That other person was right and you know it. You just don't want to stop, think, and admit that you are wrong.


Let us play the game his way. The OP was fired from Walmart for stealing himself.

That is why he is writing this review. Either that or he was caught stealing candy and toys from the store. He begged them not to call his parents.

Being seven years old they had to call his parents. He got grounded, he could not go to his friend's eighth birthday party and he is angry at them and falsely accusing their employees of theft.


Should he move into that clown car pictured above?

So how much are you planning on making Walmart pay for those 28" made in China hooptie wheels?