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2 of Walmart employees Tashaun and Rickey made unauthorized copy of Tahoe key.Later came to my home and stole my SUV taking my 28" rims.

Walmart says it's not their responsibility. When they investigated the men from my information, they were caught stealing thousands of tires and products. I haven't been compensated for my losses yet.

I will contact BBB and all consumer resources till I get my compensation.Thanks

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss employees. Walmart needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Walmart bought new set of 28" wheels for my truck.Same style just black.

Also they located three of the original set.

Thanks for you all the support...even you *** people need to get this update

Ham Lake, Minnesota, United States #1109943

Right!The BBB will get you your money back.

You have no proof, other than they have a history of theft - that doesn't make them guilty - probably are, but we don't live in Germany in the third Reich!

Your insuracnce shoudl have covered it.

Get over it.

You were a victom of theft.Buy a security system for your vehicle, and get some security lugs.

to Mike_mn Ham Lake, Minnesota, United States #1109944

So, why did you give these 'key makers' your address?

When ever I've had keys made, I pay cash so this type of thing doesn;t happen.


Who gives a *** about your rims be glad your *** runs and you have no proof these men did it until the police physically find the key and YOUR stuff in their possesion.


What is the conclusion of the Police based on their investigation?

What is not clear here, the vehicle was stole, and recovered only the tires and rims missing?

Or, did you come outside to find your tires and rims missing?

You do realize folks steal cars everyday without having a key?

You make an accusation, you have the burden of proof.


This is why I do not shop at Walmart!


Maybe I missed something, but how do you know it was the walmart employees that did this? Are you just assuming it was them or do you have proof?

Orange, California, United States #961298

"Obviously you cannot comprehend...they stole a copy of my key at work on the clock, while servicing my vehicle.

Slow ***; and the insurance only covered factory wheels.

Remember pissed off customer"

You cannot comprehend, The insurance company will pay not them.Have mommy or daddy read you the posts.

to KevinRichards #1015293

My after market rims are covered by insurance. Yours can also be covered by insurance unless they were total junk in the first place .

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #961160

Kevin, I have to agree with you there.After all it was NOT Walmart that stole from him.

It was those two individuals, if that actually did happen. You're right to assume that this person is a child considering.

If he weren't a child, he would have contacted the police too.I think he just didn't want the police to think that he is prank calling them because he is a child and is obviously not old enough to drive.

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