Champaign, Illinois
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I want to take more than just 6 items into clothing booth because I have children and need to try on many outfits on them. Many times clothes sold not a full outfit makes the number count go up.

And what if I want accessories like a belt or hat. I am not allowed to take in dressing room because goes over small six item allowed. Or if I have all four my children with me I can only do one at a time and keep going in and out and in and out to get more of the clothes I need to see if fits them. Very bad this only 6 items in dressing room for us mothers.

Today I took in seven thought I be sneaky to get in the pants I want to mix and match for daughter and employee busted in on my daughter naked. They treat us like we are going to steal. So ***. If I would steal, and I never would, I would not use *** dressing room to steal!!!

I hate Walmart but it is cheapest and close to where I live.

All other stores far from where I live and much expensive. Makes me cry they treat me so bad.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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you're being treated like a criminal because you keep acting like you need to have your way. just follow the rule, it's to limit shoplifting. apparently you aren't against it.


... you aren't a criminal because being a dumb*** isn't a crime.


"Makes me cry they treat me so bad. " Yeah - them treating you like every other customer and not breaking rules because you are special...that is bad.

Parents who think they are entitled are the worse. From skipping lines, to letting their kids tear apart the toy department, to parking in the handicapped spot because they don't want to walk far.


Oh quit with the I am a parent *** so the rules don't apply to me. The rules apply to everyone.

You may have not cussed in this complaint but they don't allow words such as s t u p i d and i d i o t. Also do you call your children s t u p i d when you are angry. Chill.

You tried being sneaky. What a good role model you are for your children.


When I had my young kids with me and buying clothes, I never took them into the fitting room to try clothes on, I could tell by holding them up to the kid. Nobody needs to take a belt or hat into the fitting room to try it on.

You aren't the only person that isn't allowed to make more than a certain amount of items into the fitting room. There is a reason for this rule, and it isn't that they are singling you out. In fact when my kids were small, even when they got to being teens I bought most of their clothing without having them with me.

You should be able to tell looking at an item if it will fit. If that is all they have to wear, they will wear it, after all you are the one paying for.


I never cussed in this complaint but the block out simply words makes it look like I was using curse bad words.