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Attempted to bring a vacuum cleaner back to Wal Mart in Winnsboro LA...when asked why? I told them I have indoor/outdoor carpet and it wont pick up all the trash and blows dust everywhere...(no I did not have my receipt)..so lady scans item (item returned in box)..pulls a ticket..writes some numbers down..goes to some door..and returns with a slip saying I purchased the item in April 2014..(today is Oct.

27th 2015)..an absurd lie..it was purchased less than 6 weeks ago!!

(Issued no refund..no gift card)..now the woman in front of me an African American the same race and gender of the Customer Service Rep...she had NO RECEIPT for her returned item..and was given over $47.00 ..IN CASH. Apparently the depths of this ongoing race war in America also includes Wal Mart workers...I aint shopping there anymore after my most recent experience..and Wal Mart and its associates and gladly kiss my white redneck ***!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Like the other person said, serial numbers don't lie. You thought you could use it for a year and go get your money back just because it's wal mart and it they might not even look it up.

Nice try but believe it or not m, wal mart isn't *** and there's a lot of people as dishonest as you are and try to pull this all the time to use items for free. Next time you return something do what the rest of the intelligent people do...bring the receipt and then you have zero problems!!


After the vacuum was scanned, the serial numbers were given to the accounting associate who then pulls up the receipt and can see the purchase date for that item. Whether it was in a box or not your vacuum was bought a year and a half ago.

Returns have to be done within 90 days. As for the other customer, you don't know what the reason for the return was. I've had to return items on recall and received my cash back and didn't have the receipt. Don't play the race card.

It's overplayed enough in this country.

You probably just figured that since you still kept the box you could bring it back anytime for a full refund when you didn't need it anymore or needed some extra cash. Serial numbers don't lie.