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My name is Ivan Herrera ,My complain is about the rules on exchange .I went to make an exchange I did not have a receipt and so I was ask for an I'd and the only I'd that I have is from my country and they would not except it , I find that to be extremely racist . I have to say that I am not a kind of person that likes complaining but I felt the need to get my opinion across with this situation I'm truly sad in by this , I am a valued customer that shops at Walmart very frequently , I truly always Bragg about how great Walmart is and so with that said I'm hoping that ,that absurd return policy will change emediatly because I have to say that most of the population of people that shop there are from other contries and only have there country Id and will feel very discriminated against as so have I .Im hopping to hear from some one about a change in this absorb policy if not I'm sad to say that I will no longer be a customer of Walmart along with many other people who are in my same state of mind .My email is

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Stop complaining and get a valid US ID.If you live here and spend money here you should have an ID. Do not like it go back to your own country.


They do only accept valid US photo identification. This includes: drivers license, military id, passport, green cards, us nationalization cards and state ids.

Anybody in the country LEGALLY should have at least one oftese. Just fyi, a valid id also implies that it is not suspended and not expired.


I agree with everyone else. Sorry, but I'm not sure how it's "racist" when they ask for an ID and don't accept it.

It's also strange how you would think that and act that way. They ask everybody for a receipt or an ID.

Not just you. Everybody of every race.


Looking at your spelling and your assuming that they were racist proves that you are obviously a child. You should have gotten mommy or daddy's permission before posting this. You should also have given them your receipt since you are responsible.


How is it racist that they won't accept an ID from your country? Is everyone from your country the same race?

Also Walmart does require a valid US form of ID for a return with no receipt, mainly because that is the only type of ID the computer can scan.

(I'm also curious how you are in the US without a valid form of US ID, but that is a question for another day/website)


I am from Canada, and the would not asecpt my Canada drivers licence so they discriminate against Canada and Canada and usa are supposed to be allys. I am just visiting us and they are discriminating aginst Canadian citizens who shop in usa.

I threwed my receipt out because I did not think that the item I bought would brake. I showed canadina id and they said no so they are racist.


Canadian is not a race, it is a nationality. Prejudice, xenophobic, these words (may) apply but not racist.


Do you claim all of your purchases with Canadian Customs when you return back home? Of course not.

You are trying to get out of paying taxes you lawfully should be paying. Thank you for acknowledging your criminal acts here on a public forum.


Why would you think everyone in the US has some form of valid US I.D.??? Would you expect a visitor to have a US driver's license?

Would you expect as student from abroad to have one?

Your question is irrelevant and it is not your business as to what I.D. this person has and why.

If the only thing Walmart will accept to process returns is a United States driver's license, they need to make that clear.


And the reason I specified US drivers license is because I have heard of people being denied returns because all they had was a military I.D. or passport.

A manager could override any of this, but Walmart is not in the business of customer service. And besides, they don't exactly hire the smartest of people.


Agreed, I did check their return policy and it should state "a valid form of US ID". Walmart should certainly address the policy regarding returns/exchanges from those of other nations.