Powder Springs, Georgia
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I purchased 2 Exercise-hides rawhide bones from Walmart on Monday November 30th 2015 at 10:00 pm. Came home and gave one to my 5 year old poodle. With in a few minutes of her having it I looked down and she was shaking and had stopped breathing. After doing trial and error of trying to dislodge the piece of rawhide she finally started breathing. Took her to the vet and staying up several nights to watch her after giving her his .98 bone. I googled the brand today and saw many dog chocking and dates due to this item. Very disappointed that Walmart would continue to see this item after knowing it causes death to our pets. The item should be removed immediately and every pet owner that has had a problem with this should be compensated at least the vet cost and pain and suffering for their pet.

Very disappointed customer

Vanessa Hamler

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This can happen with any kind of raw hide bone, other kinds of chewies, toys, etc. That's why you are always supposed to supervise your pet when they are chewing and take away small pieces.

It probably says something to that effect on the package. I'm sorry your dog experienced distress, but don't blame walmart.

My Shepard experienced something similar with a raw hide bought at Petsmart, but I didn't blame them. Just like with humans, dogs sometimes choke on their food.


So right...life is full of these our dogs through the years choke on anything when they stuff their mouth...hence like you stated you need to watch your pets...just like your children!