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I purchased an extended service plan for my laptop through recently ran in to 3 different problems with my laptop and thought since I had the service plan i would use it and get my problems fixed.Boy was I wrong.When I contacted the company about my problems the lady told me all 3 problems were covered.I mailed my laptop to the company that was to fix it and when I got my computer back IT WASNT FIXED!When I contacted Walmart and asked why my problems(a broken click key,a broken ac adapter hole,and cd burner not working)were not taken care of..they informed me that they do not cover cd burners so because they wont cover that they wont cover ANY of my problems.I basically paid them $70 for no reason!They say they cover normal wear and tear(the lady at customer service told me those problems do happen over time so they would be covered)but when you actually want something fixed dont expect them to do anything about it.They got your money thats all they care about.I tried to write a review on their website and they wont post it....shady much??!!?

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The intent of this plan is to coverr the things you listed since physical damage AND electrical/electronic failure is covered. You need outside pressure.

File a claim with your BBB and same with your state's Division of Consumer Affairs.

You can do these online. You'll get action.


extended warranties are NEVER a good deal for you---only for the issuing company, in this case, Walmart. Now you know.

Also, if you want a computer, buy one online and have it shipped, for free, to you. If you buy one from Best Buy, for example, it most likely will come with their "Best Buy PC app" which you will find will be very hard, if not impossible, to uninstall and will frustrate you to no end if left on the machine. Never, ever buy a computer from Best Buy. They have made themselves irrelevant nowadays.

Try or You can customize the computer at these sites and get what you want, rather than cheap junk from Walmart.

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