Titusville, Florida
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We purchased an HP monitor in January, 2011. Yesterday the backlight started flickering and continues for about 30 minutes.

Called the 800 number for the extended warranty and was told that monitors over 20" (aren't most of them?!) don't get replaced, they have to be sent out for repair - a 3 week process!! I do not want to be without a computer for three weeks and shouldn't have to - this should be a simple swap-out!! At that point I got disgusted and hung up. At this point we're just going to buy a new one, but I can promise it WON'T be from walmart!!

This is NOT customer service, it's customer ripoff.

Monetary Loss: $275.

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Sounds like you bought the warranty without understanding what it is. I suppose that is Wal-Mart's fault, not yours.


It was explained to us at the time of purchase that if anything went wrong with it, it would be replaced. No questions asked. Yeah, it's Walmart's fault.


It is your word against a minimum wage loser's who probably quit months ago.

Want to see a ***? Look in the mirror.

Next time shop at a real store and get it in writing. :p

@Esty Effyew

So you're the *** we dealt with, loser?!