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I was in the superstore Walmart that's in Atlantic and powerline in pompano Beach fl on the 31st of January just for my albwow to be done the lady was so mean to me that day on my way home top of my eyes was burning me very bad when I rich home look in the mirror each my eyes top there is a long line that's red pass my eyebrow and way below my eyebrows anyway one of you need to see it in person and I know they have a camera in the store

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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One thing, that wouldn't be walmart but the salon inside which is a completely different company. The only affiliation with walmart is they pay them to use the space, that's it.

Also from the sounds of it, it sounds like you had a reaction to the wax itself, or are just over sensitive to that area having hair ripped out.

I normally am not a grammar nazi but for the love of everything holy...

learn to friken spell! I can't even call that review a run on sentence since you never used a period once.


Was she mean because it hurt? Or was she mean prior to actually having your eyebrows done?

Any time you get anything waxed, there is going to be a fair amount of redness and soreness and sometimes swelling. It usually doesn't last long, and certainly isn't caused by meanness...it's caused by the hair being ripped out by the roots and pulling the skin.


albwow? that's a new one.


You've got to be kidding.


Honey, I have news for you, you didn't have your eyebrows waxed in WalMart. You more than likely had them done at the Smart Style Salon, inside of WalMart, but the salon doesn't have any connection with the actual WalMart, all they do is rent space inside the store.

Have you had your eyebrows waxed before? How was the stylist doing the waxing mean to you, you really should explain things like that. i get my brows waxed several times a year and have been having it done for years and there is a certain amount of pain when it is done, and yes, there is some redness afterwards too, but I don't consider that being mean, it is a fact of life. To get a better idea of your condition you should have included a picture of your brows before they were waxed.

You honestly can't be serious that you think the in store cameras are going to show that clear of pictures. I have seen some of those pictures up close and personal and they aren't that clear. I have also seen the ones that the Security Offices have in their offices and they aren't real clear either. There is a good possibility that you might have been allergic to the wax product that the Salon was using.

Different salons use slightly different products. I have used different salons and both of the beauty schools in the town that I live in and haven't had and problems other than the initial redness for a little while afterwards. I don't think it was the stylist being mean to you, there wouldn't have been a reason for that to happen, unless you did something to her first.

Did you??? Most styling salons use a lot of products that can't be used on everybody.