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My husband went to the fabric area to have a piece of fabric cutt and kept waiting to close to 30 min. I called since I was home and they paged 3 times and no employee came.

WalMart you get a grade F for customer service. This happened in Antelope Zca at the WalMart that is by the train tracks.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Gurnee, Illinois, United States #911395

How very judgmental the previous 2 comments are, how do you know whether or not the lady who posted could possibly have a medical condition that prevented her from going to the store herself ?

Surely the point was that assistance was paged 3 times and not about whoever called customer service.

Shame on you both!

to Sue #911402

Did it ever occur to you that maybe the person in the fabric department might have been with another customer at that time and there was no one else to help? In order to keep the prices low at Walmart, they cut cost on payroll and don't schedule enough people. Not sure if you work retail or not, but if you don't, then you don't understand, and no I don't work for a cheap *** company like Walmart.

to Grow up Orange, California, United States #911463

I agree that is another possibility and since the wife was not there she has no idea of this. Her husband seems like a self centered, and cannot fight his own battles, perhaps he is six years old. I would report this review to the police with my concerns about an adult woman marrying a six year old child, however the wife appears the same age as well.

to Sue Orange, California, United States #911461

If you knew how to read the point is her husband is s sissy and needs his wife to speak for him. Why could he not ask for help himself?

Why does wee need wifey to ask for help for him.

Perhaps if this person asked for help he would not have to wait for three calls, but no he is unable to ask for help and cried to his wife, then the big baby has her write a review for him because he cannot do it himself. I give him and f for being a man.

to Sue Orange, California, United States #911464

Also no one suggested she go to the shop with him, they simply told her she was not in the shop and does not know what went along. Have mommy or daddy read the replies to you and explain what the words mean.


Your poor little husband had to wait to get fabric cut. Why were you calling to get help for him?

Did it ever occur to you that the person for the fabric/crafts department could have been on lunch break and when that happens an employee from other departments have to cover for that person, plus take care of their own department? Myself I would prefer waiting to have somebody that knows what they are doing cut my fabric, than say one of the automotive department employees doing it.

Orange, California, United States #911199

You need to be arrested for marrying a six year old. If he is an adult he certainly is not a real man.

If you husband were a real man he would not have to cry to his wife to have them page the employees. If your husband were a real man he would be asking for help himself instead of having his wife call them on the phone to ask someone to be paged. If you husband is actually an adult he gets an "F" for being a real man. Why are you posting about his experience instead of him.

Was it past his bed time. Did he come crying to you because no body helped your poor wee husband? Most likely the reason your husband did not get service was because he could not speak up for himself and ask for help.

You were not in the shop with him and you are the one asking for help for this wimp. Next time go to the store with him and encourage him to ask for help, and if he gets over his shyness and takes a stand to becoming a man tell him how proud you are of him and buy him a lollipop.

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