Today i went to go buy fabrics, when i got there i pushed the button to call for someone and no one came. I pushed it again and this lady comes, and without apologizing, she said "what do you need" i then told her what i need.

When she was finished she handed it to me without saying thank you or anything. Just because everyone shops at walmart doesn't give the employeee to treat us with bad customer service!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Seeing as how this was at Walmart, she was probably just dealing with a typical obnoxious Walmart type customer and was not in a great mood.

As much as people complain about Walmart employees, it's been my experience that they are far more pleasant than the typical Walmart customer.

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #935882

You need to just be thankful that you got any service. What would you say had the lady not serviced you at all and instead just did nothing to help you?

You would complain if somebody said "Sorry, not my department." It's a possibility that she didn't hear the bell. It's also a possibility that she was helping somebody else.

A lot of times people go back there and they can't find anybody to help them. Consider yourself lucky.

to realm188 Modesto, California, United States #936131

Seriously, I don't think either of the reasons you gave would be enough to warrant bad customer service. There is no excuse for a rude customer service rep.

There job is to help the customer. I used to work at wal mart and no matter how busy I was, I would still make sure to be polite and friendly.

to Amber Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #936135

As somebody else said, Amber, that is a two way street. It always is no matter where you are at and no matter who you are.

to Amber Orange, California, United States #936163

I don't think the employee was rude, the OP just wanted someone to socialize with because she has no friends because of her attitude and self entitled behavior.

to Amber Orange, California, United States #936164

Also not hearing the bell, is not considered bad service, the six year old that posted this complaint just needs to be more patient. If she was helping someone else and expected this child to wait it is not bad service. Even at six this child should learn to wait their turn, after all they teach you to wait your turn, to wait in line in kindergarten and at six this person should be in first grade.

Orange, California, United States #935817

You cannot have it both ways, if you want fast service, the employees cannot socialize, but if you want employees to socialize with you then you cannot expect fast service. How about changing your attitude so you have friends who want to socialize with you, seriously getting impatient because you cannot wait one minute for your turn is probably the reason you have no friends.


Of course the employee was supposed to take the time to socialize with you and establish a life long friendship. If there had been another customer ahead of you and the employee had been taking the time to greet them, or apologized for keeping that person waiting, saying thank you, etc., you would be whining about the employee wasting your time.

It might have been nice if the lady had said "how may I help you" but how she said it is really small potatoes. You got your fabric, so quit whining. For all you know the woman that helped you might have come from a department that was half way across the store, and might not have ever worked in the fabric department. There has been a couple times when I have needed fabric at my local WalMart that a guy from the hardware department has measured it off for me.

I didn't see anything at all in your complaint that indicated you received bad customer service. The only reason you think that is because the employee didn't kiss your you know what.

to anonymous #935678

Exactly. And if she hadn't heard the bell the first time, then she wouldn't have even known there was anything to apologize for.I'm going to assume that she didn't hear it the first time since she didn't show up then...unless you're one of those people that pushes it, waits 3 seconds, and pushes it again, etc.

By the way, she did you a service so you should be thanking her as well. That's not a one way street.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #935820

Once again mommy was not there to prompt the child to thank the employee, remember this review was written by a six year old child.

to anonymous Orange, California, United States #935818

This is why the OP needs mommy shopping with her, she is clearly too young to wait patiently for one full minute.

to KevinRichards Modesto, California, United States #936133

Wow you are pathetic. You don't know how long she waite .

Talk about judgemental. Maybe your mother should teach you common sense and manners.

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