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Update by user Mar 31, 2016

This site sucks!!!!!!! Someone is posing as me adding a comment then I answered the comment and it put me as anonymous!

It also says this issue was resolved. IT IS NOT RESOLVED!!!! Walmart can kiss my *** I will never step foot in their store or order from their site again! I wonder how much Walmart pays this site to alter the bad publicity against them!

Don't even trust what you read anymore published on this website. People post legitimate complaints here and the people that run this website use your account against you. They probably use the links in the emails they send you to *** into your computer! I'm serious!

Pissed Consumer is a *** site - delete your account and don't click on any of the links in the emails they send you! Hopefully people will read this before I delete my account

Update by user Mar 24, 2016

Well I once again contacted customer service today and as usual got disconnected shortly after speaking to a very nice rep. Called back again and was told they would connect me to a corporate rep.

This time someone actually answered after being on hold for 23 minutes and the result was the same as before. I was told they would send and email to their engineering people for investigation of the incorrect ad but there was nothing else they could do. Promised to send me a $25 gift card for my trouble. So even though they already supposedly investigated this, they still reposted the same bogus ad on their website to fool even more people and told me for a second time they will investigate the matter and still continue to run the ad.

This is illegal!!! How do they get away with this FRAUD!!! I was told I have nothing to complain about because I got my money back. What?!

They are flagrantly violating the law by continually running a false ad and refuse to send the product they are advertising for that price!

Why do we even have these laws if they don't seem to matter to companies like Walmart! How can they continue to knowingly run a false ad and fraud their customers without being held accountable?

Update by user Mar 24, 2016

Forgot to mention that when I returned to the store to pick up my second order it was cancelled by Walmart.

Original review posted by user Mar 24, 2016

I purchased a computer from (HP Phoenix 860-140) but what was sent was a lower model (860-014). I returned it, contacted customer service and was given an apology and a 10% discount to reorder it.

I reordered the computer and was given the discount but yet again I received an 860-014, not the 860-140! I had the store hold the item and told them I would come back to pick it up later. Went home and contacted customer service again and treated very rudely and was hung up on twice after waiting more than 20 minutes each time to talk to someone. I finally was able to get someone tried to figure it all out and was told that the ad was a mistake, has been pulled from their website and is under investigation.

She said they would contact me when the investigation was complete. No one ever contacted me and after three weeks the ad is now back on Walmart's website. They once again are advertising an HP 860-140 for $999, but yet they previously had already told me that ad was a mistake and they could not sell me that computer for that price! So why then are they again advertising it for that price if that is not the computer they are actually selling for that price?

Because it is a "bait and switch" come on ad. You think you are getting one thing and you are actually getting something of much lesser value, but if you want the one they show in the ad its $1000 more!

They know this! They admitted the ad was a mistake and refused to send me the model I ordered for that price, but yet they are again running the same ad on their website that they already know is wrong!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walmart Pros: Easy return, Easy returns.

Walmart Cons: Being lied to, Getting hung up on, Customer service hanging up on me, Offered no resolution to the problem, Getting deceived by fraudulent ad.

  • fraudulent ad
  • Bait Switch Tactics
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I bought the 860-140 for $999.99 and received the 860-014. They would not sell me the model I bought claiming they were out of stock, and offered me a $100 gift card or 30% off of a downgraded model (960-030) at $1699.99 I just got a refund and sent back the one they sent me.

I was on hold for over 1.5 hrs.

Waste of my life. This is one of the many reasons I do not like walmart.


Write your own review if this happened, no need to harass me on mine.


Who the *** is using my name to make comments on here?!!! I did NOT make the above comment!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry Anonymous for the above rude comment by it was not made by me! Someone on this site obviously has the ability to use other peoples names to make comments.

It has also happened to a few people I know. Can't trust this site at all!