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how can you promise something that does not exist....Thats what is doing selling the new ipods touch 16gb 5th generation for 198$ lolll poeple dont get fooled it does not exit yet youre bying a 4th generation ipods touch........its the ipods nano thats 198$ who ever did the web site is in the rong......and thats what we calle false advertising pass the words...i went over trying to b nice about it and they did not care its such a bib worldwide store that they juste ignore what you have to i end it up paying a 100$ more then expected cause i thought the ipods touch 16gb existed but i end it up buying the real 32gb insted still a hundred more at the cash that i wasent expecting

Monetary Loss: $198.

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Hello im the one who made this article.

My conclusion are: Go all the way with youre complaint because its worth it......I say the website was in the rong called them and apple store...They both said to me that this was inacceptable to sell a product that do not exist yey......And thank me for noticing the rong the end got and nice store rebates worth my patience and procedures i had to go trought and for my privacy of enjoying my ipod like i was supposed well got for free lollllll


Your complaint will be taken seriously as soon as you learn to write properly in English. That is all...whiner.


go a head and right french .....i told you im french not english..... you try to right french........and like i said its all over 3 days after took the advertising out and i won bad you did not lolll if youre sureabout youre complaint ypure supposed to win like i did lolllllllll lolllllllll to all


im write french.....and if you reply you understand ***......i think you did not win youre complaint or something lollllllllllllllll like i said i won and its all over and im enjoying my ipod 32gb lollllll in youre face haters


This is all true i live in bathurst nb and have no reason to lies.......i have money....did not really have to do all this but it was to prove a point that all big brand names dont really gives a *** about customer service unless you know how to go true all the right procedure of complaint.Just because youre a big brand doesent mean you can steal from people by false advertising to bring customer in the store.........I know all this by experience......i did this for the average customer........ and yes im french and proud of it


Christ...reread your complaint. If anyone should know about human error, it should be you.

"does not exit yet "

"web site is in the rong" rong...really? You can't spell the word wrong?

"that i wasent expecting" I "wasent" expecting to need a translator to read your complaint, but I guess I was rong.

Make sure your mom has proof read your next post before you publish it.


Thats what you have to say about all this my spelling im french so whatever at least you understood .Whatever the website is still advertising this and when you buy something online you expect what you pay....When i buy some stuff on ebay i get whats advertise or else the seller is in real trouble why not walmart

Anyway just saying not here for baby fights


It isn't known as false advertising, it is known as human error. Every now and then I find a mistake on different web sites, and I don't go around shouting "false advertising." Grow up!


human error is the main cause of false advertising its there mistake like you said you go out and shout that you have a product for sale and its not true so what that called wen you walk in a store any store and you go buy a product thats not like its was advertise is called false advertising and wen you get it online you get the 4th generation and you have to go true all that process of returning back that product and paying 340$ for the real one and not 240$ ......major prices difference ........privacy of joy and false advertising......its called what its called buddy......ive already contacted walmart and the even said that yes its a form of false advertising....they called me today to checque the dates that i went true all this and invetigating the process waitaing for my response in 1 or 2 days cant wait......ill keep you poseted lolll