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Update by user Jul 27, 2013

Walmart started engine fire in my suv. Please read below.

I have no peace of mind driving my vehicle. The vehicle cannot be sold without telling that it has been in an electrical fire who would want to buy it?

It's been over a year, very stressed out from this.

Walmart won't be accountable until their sale are hurting. If you shop with them becareful what you purchase, they don't care about public safety.

Original review posted by user Jul 27, 2013

Walmart made keys for my suv, I turned my vehicle on walked in the house came back out and engine had started a fire. I just happened to be smart enough to bring my nieces in with me.

Other wise they would have been strangling in smoke when I returned to the vehicle a few minutes later.

The mechanic at Matt's Foreign Auto ordered new parts when they came available, he tested my old key against the new parts no problem. Then the mechanic tested the Walmart keys which causd the engine to act erracticaly and begin to smoke. The Walmart keys were proven to be bad and were made the wrong size.

I asked Walmart to send someone out to the mechanic shop to test the vehicle themselves Walmart refused. I asked why did Walmart not have signs up anywhere of the possible dangers when having keys made at Walmart, that was no big deal to them. Walmart offered to pay only for the repair would not pay for the devaluation of the vehicle and rental fees. I was with out my truck almost two months waiting on parts and trying to get the issue resolved with Walmart.

I no longer feel comfortable driving the truck either. I asked Walmart to notify the public of the dangers and that some of their keys can start electrical fires in vehicles; this is when Walmart then withdrew the offer to pay for anything.

This has caused me extreme mental stress too.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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Anyone who thinks this is *** ***. Nuff said.


The poster was obviously concerned about this happening to someone else having the same experience. Look a the ridiculous posts from Walmart's agents. Why wouldn't you want to send someone out to review the issue, if it could be a public safety issue?

And to the *** who said they had keys made and never had a problem, are you saying because you purchased something before and never had a problem no one has a right to complain when something is wrong?


A lightning bolt might also catch your pants on fire! Dont put a key in the ignition now LOONEY TUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:eek :eek :x :x :x :? :?


Walmart had caused damage to engines, and you can ruin your starter if the wrong size key is made. The commenter who said the poster is a liar, is the one who needs to see doctor Phil. Just because this never happened to you, does not mean it never happened.


Poster is a real WACKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call Dr.

Phil. :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset


You are the one who needs to see Dr. Phil Walmart patrol agent!!!!

The wacko Walmart Patrol agent is pretty obvious.

I won't have my keys made their.

Walmart uses cheap junk to make their keys and has very poor service.


You sir/ma'am are a fool.Their is know key that can cause any type of fire.Either the key work's or the key does not work.If the key did not work on the suv,Then how in the *** did you start the vehicle.This is an out and out LIE.WTF.I have purchased several key's from walmart,And each key worked perfect.Something was probably wrong with you suv in the beginning and You are trying to get walmart to pay for this matter free.What some people will not do.


You *** yes you can this has happened before. By the way why are you so upset, are you part of the Walmart image control?


Connie you are the liar. Why didn't Walmart send out a technician?

You mean to tell them they weren't interested, but they were willing to make an offer until the customer stated you need to post signs and warn the public? You are the liar, and obviously just another Walmart Patrol agent....

Walmart sucks. :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p


Why is Walmart allowed to endanger the public what if a house had caught on fire? This happened in February 2012, I contacted Walmart several times via fax, phone, certified letters, corporate headquarters, customer service, Walmart doesn't have to be accountable.

A young employee also died at the hands of Walmart, Walmart needed to replace the machine instead it was used until a young child working for them died using it, this issue happened in Canada. Could have been in the US wouldn't have mattered.