Silver Springs, Florida

As a shopper i watched a worker run out in tears from the store. When i finished paying for my stuff i saw the same worker outside.

She stated that she was an veteran, and served in as Iraq as well. She told me she was layed off after only working a week. Walmart advertises that hire veterans. Yet she was let go after only a week with no reason.

This happened at store 818 in panama city beach, Florida.

Needless to say since they want to terminate female veterans, then i will terminate shopping at walmart.

My 2 sons serving in the army were looking forward to getting out and working with walmart. Not anymore they know they will just get fired.

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You are only hearing one side of the story here. She tells you she was let go without reason but how do you know this is true?


If your sons aspire to work at Wal-Mart, then you have done a poor job at raising them. They should be looking forward to using their GI Bill money to go to college.


Just because she was a veteran doesn't mean she can't be fired. You don't know the reason for her firing.

So many people who get fired will not tell you the real reason. They will usually tell you it was for no reason.

So if she was lazy, stealing, rude, lying or didn't show up for work, should the company still employ her because she is a veteran??? You don't have to shop at walmart anymore, Im sure the company will not go in the hole because you quit shopping there.


The saying goes that there are three sides to every story, his side, her side and the truth. You only know what the woman told you.

You have no idea if any of that was actually true. Perhaps you should find out the entire story, or stay out of something that has nothing to do with you.


I thought any place could terminate people without any reason. Yes, they hire veterans, but that doesn't mean they are excluded from the being terminated.

I don't see any connection in saying she was fired because she was a veteran, but only that she was fired and also happened to be a veteran. Unless there is a specific reason why she was fired, I don't see what the issue is currently.


Good heavens, being the title of your complaint is that WalMart fired 10 workers in one week, what happened to the other nine? Keep your nose out of their business, unless it directly affect you.

If you know for sure that ten got fired for absolutely no reason, tell us the rest of the story, or else quit trying to make trouble for WalMart.