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Update by user Feb 27, 2017

sorry about the typo in last sentence. meant to say I want people to make a documentary on these beautiful majestic animals and expose Walmart who they really are fish killers

Original review posted by user Feb 27, 2017

Hi Walmart I was in your store the other day with my family. I was there for hiking shoes for my little one and couldn't find any.

My brother glanced at your fish and broke out in tears. I walked over there to see what was wrong. Your fish are sick, dead, and starved. In fact your fish are so starved that they are eating each other.

I am not blaming the fish. It is not their fault they are hungry. All of your beta fish are dead. I saw a mama fish dead at the top.

She looked like she was in there for about a week. Her eyes turned white. The baby fish was dying too. You never change the water.

His scales were coming off too. I am against animal cruelty. Fish are animals too. You people make me sick.

I hope you do something about this. Therefore I will never go in any of your stores again. I will never give any of you devils my money again. Fish are delicate animals.

You people are no better than those carnival fish. I hate you so much . People who are reading this never take your kids or give your money to these people again. Let them rot in their own *** hole.

I wish it was you in the tank. Ps. You people are backstabbing *** holes from *** Ps.

Never take your children here unless you want them to cry a river. God I hate you people

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Store Facility.

Reason of review: fish cruelty .

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: I want people to make a documentary on these beautiful pet fish and expose for who they really are.

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MakeMyDay2016 obviously having a conversation with himself again...

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1295916

Nope, it is a conversation between me and the OP, get some glasses so you can see two different usernames. Are you the same person that was busted for talking dirty to an undercover cop whom you thought was 12?

Fullerton, California, United States #1295293

Also how can they ground you if you don't live with them?

to MakeMyDay2016 #1295297

sorry about the misunderstanding in my last post. I should not say that they grounded me.

They actually forbid me to see my so and brother because of me slapping my brother. Basically I am forbidden from visiting unless I apologize and say that I lost control. It is just, my brother and son sometimes make me so angry. I admit I should never have wished my brother died, or was never born.

I told him I hope he gets cancer and dies because I was angry, but I did not mean it. I apologized. But they won't accept my apology and have forbidden me from seeing my son and brother.

The deal with CPS, them and I are I am allowed to take my son on short trips, but only if they approve of it. Basically they are forbidding me from seeing my son.

Fullerton, California, United States #1295291

Wow, you are so much into cruelty against animals including fish, but you are cruel to your own brother and son, I am glad your parents reported you.


Also my little one also lives with my parents because the did not like the way that I discipline him. They reported me to CPS and CPS visited their home, interviewed them and said that my little one can stay with them. I am only allowed short shopping trips with him, I am only allowed to take him to the doctor and a few errends but I am not allowed to have him in my house until I "get help" for my temper.


Also I got so angry at how they were mistreating the fish that I hit my brother real hard. He told our parents and they have grounded me.

The reason I was angry was because he wanted me to buy something, and I said no. I did not want to give them another penny. So when I refused to buy the toy for him I slapped him across the face and called him a spoiled brat. I told him that I wished he had never been born and wished him dead.

He told our parents everything and now I am being punished. I did apologize but my parents seem to think that I am only apologizing because I want to get out of trouble, not because meant it.

to kiwirei Palm Desert, California, United States #1295971

Hi Walmart I have seen that you have not replied back. Should I call Humane society. thank you bye

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1296020

You are more concerned about cruelty to fish than what you did to your son and brother?

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