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I see more store associates than any *** everytime I go to Walmart.They walk behind me when I am at the self checkouts, in the aisles, even when I am getting out of my car or going out to it.

They go over every item I buy with a fine toothed comb and will never take my word for anything. I have never stolen a thing in my life, but cause my skin's black they assume I am up to no good. Freaking crackas at Wally World are *** me off. I finally let one them have it today, I ain't putting up with it no more.

I am sure most of their thefts and other crimes in this store comes from the crackas anyway.My town is more than 60% ***.


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Brockton, Massachusetts, United States #753407

This is complete Bu11Sh1t. You're a disgrace to human kind. All of you are.

The people who go "Omg no wonder they follow you, you're black" are possibly even worse than the person who posted this.

And that's pretty low.

This is the 21st century, not the Jim Crow era. Get over yourselves.

Orlando, Florida, United States #753213

cause u black folk STEAL

to buck Brockton, Massachusetts, United States #753404

African Americans aren't the only ones who steal, ***. If you're that anxious to accuse someone, why don't you Google crimes rates for robberies?

Not all "black" people steal. By the way, Buck.

*** you.


You are what keeps racism alive.You need to grow up and stop playing the race card when things don't go as you like.

Stop using your skin color as an excuse.

to GROW UP #736122

You crackas started it.

to Anonymous #736123


Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #735783

seriously? this is too *** to even comment on. lol :grin

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #734901

BlackonCrack.....pull up from the pipe.....think the mailman is here with your welfare runs and getz somemore maltzliquior. And I dont know...where are you gonna steal from...i mean shop....oopps sorry...just thinking back to your folks in the Walmart in LA......

Naples, Florida, United States #734495

Hold the phone....they are crackas and you call them racists? *** please. Pot, take a look at that kettle.


First Barney's, then Macy's, Now walmart. Where exactly should blacks shop!! Terrible

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