Amo, Indiana
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My Walmart only has a handful of stores to price compare with in my small city. I had bought three of the same food item at Walmart, then shopped at our local chain supermarket and found the price to be .33 lower, so I expected .99 back.

Their savings catcher dashboard showed they found no lower price. So, I emailed them pointing out their mistake and they never replied nor credited the difference.

I stopped doing my grocery shopping there and found out my chain supermarket is much cheaper anyhow. 5 months later Walmart emailed me saying they miss me, LOL.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I'm just curious - has Walmart found lower prices against your local supermarket chain in the past? The only reason why I'm asking is because I've found that Walmart will compare prices against national chains like Kmart and Target, and against larger regional chains like Meijer, but not against my local suburban supermarket chain.

Every week I have to shop at both Walmart and my local supermarket chain to get the best prices.

Walmart WILL match prices at checkout with my local chain, but I admit I lose patience with having to explain to a Walmart cashier that an item that's advertised as 2 for $5.00 is the same as paying $2.50 for a single item.

I'd rather visit another store than have to go through that every week.

Regardless, congratulations that you're saving money by going to your local supermarket chain! I wish I had a local grocery store that was cheaper than Walmart.