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After many bad experiences with expired food, beverage products, and poor attitudes from employees, I had to call it quits! I had worked with employees and management and had given them suggestions to help better their store. Check out people refusing to bag and fill cart on 3 different occasions! This was pointed out to management each occurrence but continued to go on. Managers confirmed with me each time that this would not happen again, and they would meet with employees to enforce expectations. The store manager Chad O'Malley failed to handle the situation in a professional manner, and had negative feedback towards me. I have been in Customer service for over 25 years on a global scale with nothing but praise from all of my customers never receiving a negative complaint. I know how to handle people and most any given situation. If managers such as Chad O'Malley are the future to represent WALMART they will continue to loose business. I normally do not write negative comments but this guy really got under my skin.

I have now chosen to do my shopping elsewhere!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Prices.

Walmart Cons: Management.

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I work for walmart as an assistant manager. I assure you if you work retail you have a complaint about you within a week of working in a store.

People complain about everything, and usually it's just to get something for free or discounted. I do not agree with a lot of things that walmart does but 99% of the things are handed down from corporate, and we at store level have little control. For instance we may only have 3 cashiers at 9 am on a Sunday and may have 6 at 1pm .... now I would love to have all registers open but I don't have the payroll to do so.

Our store has about 300 people and now we have about 920 hours total for the employees to share. It's far from perfect but as long as people continue to flood in and spend money it won't ever change.

Walmart reports 100+ billion in profits a year. Doesn't really sound like complaints are hurtting business does it?


I think people expect too much from minimum wage employees. The responses listed are of worse grammar and spelling. Just let it go everybody and move on...............


Sounds like employees with their guard up! I would retaliate as well if I did not do my job!

Consider the source, shelf stockers and others that just scan a code.

One day they may be sitting across my desk looking for a job. Karma


I find it hard to believe you have been working at any store for over 25 years when you do not know the difference between lose and loose, this basic thing is taught in the third grade. Your only complaint is they are not putting items in your bags, stop being lazy and do that yourself.

Maybe he did talk to the employees and they just ignored him? Why are they not fired because it is your word against theirs. I am sure he won't be missing your business because you sound like a three year old trying to cause trouble. Also in your 25 years of customer service I am sure you were not perfect.

I am sure you got complaints from an *** customer such as yourself. You have no right telling other people to do their jobs and have a lot of growing up to do. Anonymous, this liar claims she has never received a single complaint, and everyone praises her, this obviously is a lie, also I think she is lying about working in retail for 25 years because judging from her childish attitude and terrible spelling she is eight years old.

How can she have worked in customer service for 25 years if she is only eight years old? How can she hold a job if she is eight years old?


So now you are an expert in customer service and you feel you earned thr right to tell other people how to do their jobs and run their stores? People like you kill me.

You get a couple of compliments and you think you know more than god himself. It is not a cashiers job to fill your cart. Thats your job! Also, the cashier does not bag large bulky items or items that have handles and are easier to carry without a bag.

Your problem is that the praises you got went straight to your head and now you want to tell everyone how to do their job. Apparantly, Chad didnt give you the praise you think you deserve and you got mad. Im sure you wont be missed and.

the next retailer you visit is already cringing at the very thought of you walking thru their doors. Afterall, how was it that these stores survived before you came along and set them straight?

First B

You did not hear the news did you? Walmart will be going out of business because they did not take her advice, the whole entire chain is filing for bankruptcy.

Because they lost this one customer they will be going out of business, oh wait that is old news, someone is pissed at Target and will be shopping at Walmart from now on.

That customer saved their entire chain. Now Target will be going bankrupt, no wait the OP will save them by going there instead of Walmart.

@First B

shop at the thift store