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7/12/13, Friday, 2am, I went to Walmart Superstore #725 to shop for groceries. After about 30 mins.

of shopping, I proceeded to the checkout area, only to find No Cashiers and No Registers open!! I found an employee working around the Tobacco isle and ask if there was a register open?!? She instructed me to follow her down to the end of the line of registers to the "SELF CHECKOUT" area, and said she would, "Set one up for me"!! I asked if she was going to scan and bag my groceries.

She said, "NO, that I had to use the Self Checkout myself"!! I said, I'm not an Employee of Walmart, I was a Customer, and that Walmart does not pay me to do their job!! And I refused to use the Self Checkout"!! I was told, if I wanted my groceries, I had to do it myself!!

I left the groceries there and walked out!! WHO THE *** DOES WALMART THINK THEY ARE!!

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***, are you that lazy? There's self checkout for a reason so *** like you who are in a hurry can ring your *** up and get the F out.


I hate the self check out, there is always an issue the requires and why not just have an employee at a register. I agree if we have to check ourselves out then we should get paid for it by taking the average hourly wage of a cashier and dividing it by the amount of time it takes for customers to check themselves out.

The last time I used the self check it freezing up and a employee had to come over swipe a card enter some information and then told me I could continue..I tried only to have the same thing happen, she said they were having issues with that register I ask then why not put up a sign saying out of service. I prefer cashiers especially when I have a price match ad.


You 3 that commented here on my post, need to pull your head out of your ***!! You don't know me or what I do!!!

You wasn't there, so how can you judge anybody when you don't know anything!!! You just keep being idiots and sheeple!!!


no but i can read u bs


yeah and you eat it too Oscar... :grin


Well, you have to realize even if you do get paid, it's only going to be 20 cents if that. Which, come to think about it, this would be a great incentive to encourage people to use the self-checkout if it took 20 or so cents off your total balance.

Oh the ideas. It would be really cool if self-checkouts did this!


Aw...poor butt hurt snob. Her little feelers have an ouchie.


get over


Whaaa.....poor entitled custy had to use the self check out.....whaaaa.


Maybe it's because I work at a convenience store, but I don't get paid to stand at the register. In fact, the store makes it a fact to tell me that on a constant basis and ensure I am busy at all times. I take pride in all the work I do.

I mean seriously, countless times I have been told by people how scanning and bagging is a monkey's task, and that I can be easily replaceable by anyone. Along with all the other work I do, you expect to be paid for just scanning and bagging your own cart? For one transaction versus the many transactions employees do throughout the day?

That nickel on the floor you just picked up, there's your payment. Have a good day.


A lot of different stores have self check out lanes. Also I know a lot of people that prefer to use them because they say they are faster.

That being said I have never been in my WalMart when the self check out lines were the only ones open and I highly doubt your story. I am thinking you just don't approve of them and therefore decided to make up this sob story.