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Over the last year or more I have watched Walmart get rid of name brand foods and replace them with their own store brand, the wonderful 'GreatValue.' Like the old generic brands of food, the labels are simple. The shelves are a sea of white and black (or blue) and the label tells you what is in the packaging and that's it.

Nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary. That's fine. I have no problem with them integrating their product onto the shelves. I have purchased a variety of that brand through the years.

But today I was looking for flour and sugar and that's all there was. No Robin Hood, no Gold Medal or any other brand...just theirs. Now I think they're taking it a little too far and I think something should be done about it. When they just had a few items in the store it still gave us the choice of what to buy.

But I have a real problem being forced to buy their brand and I just won't do it. I have been buying Robin Hood flour for 20 years and I'll be damned if I'll stop now because of WalMart.

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Whether you like Walmart or not, it is a VERY successful and legal company. tis sort of thing can and does happen in a capatalistic environment.

We may not always like it, but it's certainly legal. Accept it or try to change the system.


How are they forcing their products? If you are worried about smaller family owned companies, and are griping about Walmart, they are still winning because you are still shopping there.

Why don't you support other local groceries shops? Oh yea, because you are a Hypocrite.


As For those of you who feel that walmart is the Devil. I Just want to set the record straight, As to The Author of this complaint...

Get Over it. I Know For a FACT that the Great Value Brand Products are really the National Brands in a different Package. For example Great Value Peanut butter is really Peter Pan Brand, Great Value Milk Is Hiland Dairy. So In All Honesty You should Do the research Before you start your rant.

AS For your truck Driver friends statement, It too is false. Vendors Make an offer Walmart compares and does market research, if they don't think that it will sell in that market at that price then they do not carry it. I Also Know for a FACT that there is NO WAY that Walmart bought the Kmart there in your town because SEARS ROEBUCK and CO Bought your Kmart and Chose to Close it due to the Lack of sales. And Also Walmart does help Smaller companies, For Example BIG LOTS.

anything you purchase in a Big Lots Store is Overstock From a Walmart. And Not only that but How Many employees does your walmart have? Thats how many people would be without jobs if walmart was not there. I am Sorry that your Local Mom and Pop's Type Stores close, but walmart does help them out too.

Contract Pricing among other assistance is availiable to those who seek it. I know because My Husband Works for Walmart and Hundreds of People come in Every month and Ask For help. If your Ligit, They will Help you. Also As for your Local Vendors and Small Businesses, there is a number posted on the Wall at every customer service counter to the marketing Manager for that district, If you have a product and want to see it on a walmart shelf you call and tell them and they will see what they can do for you.

But they wont seek you out. You have to go to them. I have seen it work, I formerly lived in a small town in IL, Duquoin to be exact, Map it, its pretty small. There was a little family Owned Italian Resturant there and they had amazing salad Dressing.

Walk into a Walmart within 30 miles and you would see their dressing on the Shelf. $2.55 a bottle.

So how do you figure walmart wont help the little guy. Do Some googling and have the Facts to Back up your complaint before trash talking somebody elses Bread and Butter.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #120872

So you do shop the competition to get the brands you want. Being in a small town I doubt many of those stores that went out of business were open at 11:00 on a Sunday night for your shopping conveniance. Where would you have gone to buy your flour at that time of night before Walmart came to town?


Well to the writers of the last few comments apparently you are not in tune with what Walmart does to small communities, which is where I live. I do shop in the local market, and I pay twice the price just to prove a point but there are some items they don't carry.

It also happened to be at 11 pm on a Sunday night and the 'local grocery store' wasn't open. The next town is 30 minutes away. That's the game Walmart plays and I will CERTAINLY blame Walmart because they came to our area and put about 8 of the local stores out of business. It had nothing to do with the present economy because this was 8 or more years ago.

The brands that you mention that aren't being competitive are Pillsbury, Gold Medal and other well known names. It's not competition if there isn't anything to compete with now is it? Walmart TELLS the food companies what they're going to pay and if they won't accept the price then they don't sell it in their stores. I have a friend that is a truck driver and he has witnessed it himself.

They have also made paint suppliers take back paint that doesn't sell in their store. Isn't that sweet? They have also purchased the old Kmart store here in this town and have the rent so high that no one is able to open a business in the building. How convenient.

They have the right to sell their product but they should also offer other products. Ya know they don't even sell the milk from the local dairy farms in their store? They go across the state line to buy it and save paying certain taxes. How's that for boosting the local economy???

They come into this town, keep their prices low for a couple years, put everyone out of business then jack up the price and put Walmart brand on the shelf.

THAT's the game they play and I wish every store they own would just burn to the ground. Anyone that defends them obviously can't see what they've done or just plain ignorant.


You may not relize it but most of the products they sell such as foods are from the other well known companies just packaged in wal mart packaging I personally work for a company and we package our product in many different store wrappings.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #120675

How is Walmart "forcing" their brand on consumers? They have a right to sell their brand over another if they chose to do so.

You as a consumer are not "forced" to shop at Walmart. You have the free choice of puchasing the brands they offer or go to another store and purchase what they sell.


in case we havent noticed it is a tough business market out there, many brands are not able to supply large demands, like WALMART's, or cant continue to sell at a low price to stay afloat. This is happening across all markets, food, medicine, Apliances, etc.

Dont be quick to blaim WALMART if its vendors are having issues or dont want to stay competitive. You are also free to walk out and shop somewhere else, use that freedom and desire to make a point, and walk yourself to your local supermarket.


to Jane: apparently you don't have anything better to do either.


To Nimrod. You must be a Wallie world drop out.

Duh. There was no other choice. That's what Walmart is doing. Forcing us to buy their ***.

and I have news for you...

all sugar does NOT taste the same but you are clearly missing the point. Why are you here anyway?


Uh, maybe they were sold out because you're not the only one that wants those brands. But I have news for you, all sugar tastes the same.


The end of our republic will be the end of free speech, and the right to choose what we want, when we want, and how we want it. It's called a free market, not communism. I refuse to have something shoved down my throat by someone else who thinks "it's good for me".


Whats it to you Jane??? If he wants Robin hood flour he should be able to get what he wants and as far as that goes don't YOU have anything better to do than complain about him complaining? Me no I don't have anything better to do right now so *** me and get a life and mind your own buisness B I T C H


Oh give me a break! Don't you have anything going on in your life that you have to complain about the brands of stuff at Walmart?

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