I went to walmart to but my baby some formula when I got home I checked the date and it was expired my husband took it back to get a new one and found out that all of the formula of that brand was expired we had them all pulled of the shelf i went back to walmart two weeks later and they had the formula with the same expiration date back on the shelf I then told the supervisor and he took them off the shelf and them yesterday I stopped by walmart just to see if they were on the shelf and they were how sad is that walmart wants you to spend money by buying expired or past the sell date product

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Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #898611

you have all the baby formula you need. it comes out of your chesticles.

Orange, California, United States #898604

Something does not add up here, if they were taken off the shelf by the supervisor why would they still be on the shelf.

to KevinRichards Fullerton, California, United States #898614

Do you even have a life? Do you even have a job?

Probably not, if you did you would not go through complaints and try to find errors in each and every complaint. Okay if this makes you happy, I admit I was angry. I used to work here and was terminated recently because, well that is none of your business. You must be a low life and have a lot of time on your hands to read and reread every review just to find errors and holes in their stories.

It must make you feel big to make other people look foolish online doesn't it. Okay so big deal you caught me in a lie. I don't even have a child in my home. My mother took full custody of my child because she called CPS because she had concerns about how I was disciplining my baby.

However for you to go around from site to site to embarrass people and find holes and errors in their story is just low. Does it make you feel big to make someone online look small and foolish? I admit that I was angry at this point when I wrote this review, at about 9 am I got called into the manager's office and was terminated. I got angry and wrote lies about them having expired baby food.

I admit to this. It was about an hour and a half since I was terminated so I wanted to cause trouble. I am sure you made mistakes in your life. However to harass people online by finding errors they have made makes you a bully.

Does it make you feel big to cyber bully people online? I admit my fault by posting something that is not true, and it must make you feel big to read my review over and over until you find a mistake. I can admit fault of posting a lie in anger but can you admit fault to being a cyber bully. Can you admit that you feel big making fun of others online and making them look like fools by pointing out their mistakes.

I think not so I am the better person so there. It makes me feel better knowing I am a better person than you are.

to Anonymous Harahan, Louisiana, United States #898615

Before you reply let me say a few things first. I am not posting this to make you feel small and embarrass you.

You have a lot of growing up to do. I am sure your behavior is what lead you to losing your job and having your mother have concerns about you and your child. I am sure even CPS had concerns if they sided with your mother, but that is another different matter. Just remember you made the choice to post a lies because you were terminated.

You were called out on your lies so if you are embarrassed it is because of a poor choice that you made. You are not going to get far in life blaming others for their mistakes. I admit Kevin Richards comments can be downright cruel, however in your case he is telling the truth. You don't want people to catch you on your lies then do not lie.

The grown up thing to do would be to see why you were terminated and learn from their mistakes. If you were terminated for no good reason and it was a case of they simply do not like you than find another job.

Posting lies about expired food can get you into a lot of trouble if the manager or corporate finds out. I admit Walmart does not provide the best service due to "budgeting" but it was very childish and immature for you to post lies.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #898619

I see I am being ganged up against and bullied. You obviously don't know how to effing read.

I admit that I made a mistake by posting something that was not true. The reason I used baby formula as the food being expired is because babies are delicate and defenseless so using babies as the victim of expired food would make the store look more evil. I was only terminated less than an hour ago before posting this and for that idiots like yourselves to look for errors is just what is immature, it is you who is immature so STFU. I was terminated for a good reason.

I am not going to lie. If I were a supervisor and the employee did the same things as I did they would be terminated for breaking policy.

But for you and Kevin to gang up and harass me makes both of you immature, not I immature. I am better than the two of you combined so there.

to Anonymous Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia #898622

Let's just say you bash this user for not having a job, but you too don't have a job now that you are terminated so how are you better than this user you are bashing. Don't go around bashing other users, especially when you are in the wrong here.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #898624

The last time I checked they did not have Walmarts in England so why are you replying to this review you big loser. Stay off this okay.

I see that stupidity and cyber bullying also exists in England. I feel sorry for all three of you trying to bully a stranger online for a mistake you made. The difference dummy is that I had a job while Kevin never had a job. I lost my job and I admit I made mistakes.

I lost custody of my baby and I admit I made mistakes. I am trying to better myself, and don't need effing aholes like you shooting me down so STFU and go back to your own country.

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