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WAL-MART WalMart fraud, deception, dishonesty, intimidation of employees, firing of United States born employees Bentonville Arkansas

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Many of you know about the fraud, dishonesty, copyright infringements, intimidation of employees by WalMart, Inc. Not so many of you know about Wal-Mart's globalist, sodomite policies to intimidate employees, former employees and the public in to accepting a global government.

I am only going to cover today what has been done to I and others with regard to Wal-mart's popular ripoffs. First, Walmart STEALS from the public in the area of many products and "services", including DVD's. I purchased a DVD to help me give the atmosphere of Christmas during a fund raising campaign. The DVD was totally unsatisfactory because the label suggested a real Xmas carol; not some modern jazzed up one. Also purchased a dVD player for nothing. When I attempted to order customer service to give me an exchange, the supervisor of the customer service staff stated that Walmart would not refund nor exchange the DVD under the policy that, once a DVD has been opend, it could not be exchanged !!. Then don't sell the product because you, Wal abominable, ARE STEALING FROM THE PUBLIC !!

Second: this policy by Walmart, Inc, is very fraudulent, furtive, sneaky, dishonest, surreptitious, disgusting, loathesome, exploitative, self-seeking, heinous, CRIMINAL and AN ABOMINATION! Walmart is buying counterfeit items from china and two or three other countries this is what is known; there may be several or even many more and re-selling them to willfully and deliberately DECEIVE their customers and the public in general. Walmart is selling a COUNTERFEIT A + D OINTMENT. Walmart is deceiving the public in to thinking they are going to get A+D Ointment. REAL A + D ointment will say "original" on their label. It is MSD CONSUMER CARE, subsidiary of MERCK & CO, INC. has COPYRIGHT on A+ D ointment. WALMART is COUNTERFEITING and selling a product they call 'Vitamins A&D ointment". This is OBVIOUS COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT, and Walmart and the varmits who are manufacturing, labeling and selling to Walmart could be liable as well as Walmart. Walmart has conceived FALSEHOOD from their hearts. Walmart sells "Vitamins A&D" for approximately 40% of what they sell A+D ointment for - when they have it on the shelf. You have to MAKE SURE the A+D shows "Prevent" highlighted and underneath "Prevent" shows "Original Ointment" with the word "Ointment" in bold. This is a very deceptive and treacherous policy by the walmart evildoers.

See my expose on regarding U.N. globalist, sodomite Walmart's mistreatment of American born employees.

I typed in the color of vomit to show these evil, vile, reprehensible policies done by Walmart. More to come when I get time. WALMART HAS IDIOTS FOLLOWING TO SUPPOSEDLY "REBUT". within one hour, a donkey called me names for submitting this true report.


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People buy dvds, bring them home to copy them on their computer and then try to return it for a refund. Walmart isn't stealing from them.

If the dvd doesn't work, walmart will exchange it for the exact same dvd.

If you buy a book, would it be okay for you to go home, read the book then expect a full refund from walmart because the book wasn't as interesting as you thought? All the other ranting is just pointless.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota & LadyScot are ignorant *** hags their parents are siblings. Sioux Falls, South Dakota & LadyScot are sharing half a brain and its damaged from all the expired food they eat when they run out of cat food. :grin

@laughing@Sioux Falls,SD

You clearly need a life. If you don't Like a certain user, you have the option to SCROLL ON PAST IT


You sir need some serious mental help. Your incoherant babble screams of paranoia.

You have absolutely no idea of copywrite law amd your example has nothing to do with copywrites. By your logic there could be only one version of 2% milk and any other company who sold 2% milk would be commiting fraud. Lots of companies make generic versions of brand name products and sell them for less.

Advil, motrin, ibuprofen are all the same thing, but sit on a shelf next to eachother at different costs. Pleaee sir i implore you to consult a mental health professional asap.

@Head doctor

Everyone knows it you, LadyScot:



Almost every store sells knock offs of brand names. A person would have to be really *** to not know the difference.

If a person wants real A&D Ointment they aren't going to buy something that says Vitamins A&D. I would be willing to bet there isn't any difference at all.

You are just being bitter because you got fired. It's time to act and sound like a mature adult, instead of a spoiled brat.