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Walmart Scammed consumers on doorbuster deals with the Black Friday Sales. They lied about ad, lied about quantity of merchandise available to consumers.

I believe this was a marketing ploy to get people into the store and tell them merchandise was sold out in order to prompt people to buy higher priced merchandise. It was a total SCAM after people waited 10-12 hours outside in the cold only to be scammed and conned by Walmart. Shame on you Walmart. Your Liars and Cheaters.

Your slogan is a lie. "Should be "There is NO Value or Ethics at Walmart" anymore.

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I waited all night in the juice and coffee lane in our local walmart after being given a voucher assuring I would have the deal I came for at 5 a.m.. After many managers came in and out of our lane knowing that 29 customers had been given vouchers for 29 items, at 4:40 a.m.

a manager came and said they made a mistake and had only 15 items and everyone else who stood in line would have to pay 50.00 more for an upgraded item. We were furious and demanded the upgraded item at the matched lower price. After a lot of discussion and frustration and anger, the manager finally granted our wish. Even though they finally gave us what we wanted, I will never shop at Walmart again.

I am a daily customer. I will take great pleasure in driving a few more miles to another store for what I need.

This is such a SCAM!! Sam Walton would be very disappointed in today's walmart.

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