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My son bought a game that didn't fit his ds . So we went to get his money back and was denied

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First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #831408

They are just going by the law, my guess is he bought a game only for 3ds for his ds. A ds game fits on a 3ds but not the other way around.


Once opened, games can only be exchanged for the exact same game. This is to prevent scam artists and I am sorry you had to suffer for it.

This is the same for movies, music, and so forth.

These are old scams but the rules have been made and truth of the matter, nothing should be returned period. People steal from stores, even ones other than Walmart, and return the items to Walmart or a different one so they can get some form of cash back because the items show up in the system.

to Anonymous Tampa, Florida, United States #831415

How dare you accuse my son of stealing from the store and trying to scam the store? How dare you accuse me of allowing this kind of behavior.

My son did not steal the game. I would never allow my son to steal anything from anyone. Just before his ninth birthday about a few weeks short he stole some trading cards and gum from the same store. I found out later on because they were the same trading cards he was asking me to buy.

I told him that it was ridiculous to pay that much so he pocketed them. When I found out I made him return to the store and pay for the items he had stolen and apologize to the manager. I paid for them myself and made him do extra chores around the house to pay me back. However this was when he was eight years old, he is twelve now.

How dare you accuse him of theft. You would not falsely accuse him of theft in real life because you would have been sued. My son learned his lesson, he does not steal and nor do I approve of this behavior. If he did steal the game and try to scam them I would be marching him back to the store and making him apologize and return the game, if they could not sell it I would pay for it myself and have him pay me back through extra chores.

How dare you accuse us of trying to steal and scam the store. Shame on you.

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